Details: the 2008 Ducati 848's white paint

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848white.jpgWhite bikes are just cooler. In Ducati’s case, the color transforms the derivative, uninspired form of the 848 into a strong, dynamic shape. It contrasts the black belly pan, frame and wheels exceptionally well. We’d peel the silver Ducati logo off the tank and tail; fit a black screen; and powdercoat the rest of the components black, leaving the 848 logo red. All of this just to remind the people you pass that you don’t need 1098ccs and race rep graphics to be faster than them.


  • Mutuelle

    Silver and black also are cool. The Ducati 848 is a sporty, beautiful but very demanding. On the driver circuit can fully exploit the performance of the meteor. But on the road, it is difficult to find the keys to ride without having to fight with this diva, but to roll on a pool table.