In-wheel electric engine frees motorcycle designers

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EV-X7.jpgBy using an electromagnet/permanent-magnet hybrid motor that fits in the back wheel, the EV-X7’s designers were free to create a feet-forward motorcycle with a low center of gravity. While it doesn’t look like the handling’s currently up to much, this is an intriguing concept. Imagine bikes free from the constraints carried by a traditional engine. The EV-X7 is just a concept, but its creators intend soon to bring an electric scooter to market using a similar engine configuration. A video follows the jump.


  • F.Scott McKown

    Has anybody started driving you nuts clamoring for an “Akira” replica yet?
    If not by all means call me the first but do however check out the Anime film.
    Goodluck to you.

  • Rick Fontana

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  • Rick Fontana

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