Piaggio MP3 gets a roof

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roofmp3.jpgUntil now, MP3 riders had to content themselves with better wet-weather grip and safety while still getting wet. Not anymore. With the addition of this touring screen and roof combination, savvy three-wheeled scooter fanatics will be able to enjoy their leaning trikes without getting soaked.


  • loukas alefantou greece

    i whant to buy this roof for my piaggio mp3 send me an andress where can i find this roof?

  • inarno djayadi

    i also wants to buy this roof top for mp3, is anybody know where to buy

  • Hugh Birdwell

    I am ready to add roof to my MP3. Where in the heck can I get it please. Also I want the trailer too!

  • darla

    hey, whr can i buy dis product/bike in india??

  • uwe

    hello, wher can i by this bike in germany/hesse

  • Andrew Collins

    I would love to get this for my MP3. Does anyone know where it is available?