Shoei introduces first dual-sport helmet, the Hornet DS

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shoeihornet.jpgCompeting directly with the Arai XD, Hornet DS combines both on-
and off-road features to create a helmet that should be at home
anywhere. Both the peak and visor are removable, meaning the Hornet DS
can work with goggles or at high speeds. Shoei anticipates dirt riders
will use the helmet on the way from home to trail, swapping the visor
for goggles when they arrive. Lacking the extreme ventilation of most
dedicated off-road helmets, this probably isn’t practical. But like
the Arai, this could be the ultimate helmet for riding supermotos.


  • ian hudson

    helmet looks excelent going to buy one.

  • NBR

    Great at slower speeds. At highway speeds or faster the visor catches the wind and jerks your head up. After a while a sore neck is the result! I’m gonna take off the visor for long trips.