Aprilia releases first official FV2 1200 concept photos

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Aprilia-FV2-1200-rear.jpgAprilia has finally gotten around to putting its FV2 1200 concept bike into a photo studio. We told you about the radical carbon-framed bike back in November when it debuted at the EICMA show. It hasn’t gotten any better looking since then.

There’s more to the FV2 than its ugly translucent orange bodywork. There are actually some neat design solutions here, like for instance, the skeletal carbon fiber rear subframe (something usually hidden beneath body work). We admire its neat form and the way it incorporates the LED indicators. We also like the tread pattern on the tire. While it doesn’t look capable of actually clearing any water, the bike’s disjointed angular lines complement the rest of the bike perfectly.

  • LittleInsect

    That is one ugly bike, and it’ll undoubtedly be wayyy too tall for me.

    But no doubt, like all Prillas, it will go – very fast – and very well

  • Grant Ray

    Ugly she may be, but I do have respect for the fact that Aprilia is at least attempting a new language of design and modern identity with motorcycling. I’d really love to see that front end in action. And there are several smaller details that are quite nice- blinker integration, rear light, semi-skeletal subframe, and what looks to be an engine-mounted carbon swingarm.

  • http://yahoo.com mistry nishit

    that’s cool……………..

  • Jon

    You think its ugly? Hmm, I don’t know a damn thing about bikes but in my opinion its one of the most unique bikes i’ve ever seen. I really like its style and color. What does it mean when it states in the paragraphs above “While it doesn’t look capable of actually clearing any water.”

    I don’t understand… hmm. I am noob

  • Jon

    When can i buy this thing? I’m sold

  • Richard Jukes

    Jees, first the national colours 1200 doro then this ridiculous monsta.

    I think its unique alright, prila have some real balls latly, imagine anyone else doing this, the R & D depot would all be committed.

    Love the look, colour and attitude of the bike. FAR to fast no doubt, but who cares, its only as fast as you want it to be, and probably alot louder ! check out the 3″ bore pipes, road saftey will be greatly improved, the n.h.s ought to subsidize these on elf and safty grounds, if you dont hear it commin you’ll see it. WELL DONE APRILIA. if the proddy version retains halve the look/attitude it’ll be onto a winner.

    And who cares about the tyre tread pattern, where are the slicks ! NOS ? and parachute

    Jdge Dread springs to mind, or star wars/mad max.

  • jordo

    this bike looks fooken gr8 i reckon but i have a twisted look on life would love to own one r they coming out or is it just a project bike if it does come out how much will they be i want one ASAP!!!!!