Details: 2008 Honda CBR600RR's graffiti-inspired paint scheme

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2008-CBR-600RR-Graffiti.jpgThe CBR600RR is quite possibly the most complete motorcycle we’ve ever ridden. So it’s difficult for us to understand why a company that is so good at making motorcycles can occasionally be so bad at painting them. I mean, we understand that bikes like this need to be marketed to a young demographic. But by latching onto a trend that was never actually cool, all Honda is doing with the Graffiti color scheme (thankfully, an option) is alienating people who will be acutely aware of just how has-been this kind of thing is.
>Instead of attempting — and failing — to latch onto spurious fashion trends,
motorcycle manufacturers need to concentrate on cohesively branding
their products as luxury items, each with their own unique identity.
Just look how well that’s worked out for Apple; the company’s products are as
cool as it gets, and it didn’t have to resort to bad
graffiti-inspired graphics to make them that way. It’s clear that Honda
already knows how to do this. The CBR1000RR is evidence of that.

In the UK, Honda chooses to speak up to its audience with a wonderful series of ads from Weiden + Kennedy. We challenge you to watch this ad and tell us you don’t want to run out and buy a Honda. Do graffiti graphics make you want to do the same thing? We thought not.


  • Keith

    I would have to say your opinion about the graffiti style is way off. I own this bike. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Every time I take it out for a ride, I get nothing but compliments about the graffiti paint job. Even the people I work with that own Harley’s like the style of this bike.
    Honda made a good choice in creating this style. Oh by the way, I am 40 years old. I will be keeping this bike for a long time.

    Take care

    • Kevin

      I’m pretty sure that an “opinion” can not be way off. An opinion is an opinion, and there are no right or wrong opinions. This page is their opinion, and you have your opinion, and nothing makes your opinion more important than theirs.

  • Bobby

    I would have to say Honda did do a good job with the graffiti bike. I have it myself and the same thing everyone that see it loves it. So I don’t know what it is you are trying to say

    Take it easy

  • Ty

    You might think that Honda has been sometimes bad at painting them, but they seem to be pretty good at selling them. A well-informed little bird told me, unsolicited, that the graffiti CBR600 has sold surprisingly well. The proof of the paint job is in the purchasing, no? And, even if you don’t like it as is, it’s possible to heat up and peel off the fairing graphics (not under clear-coat) leaving the dark, flat metallic gray underneath. I think you chaps would like it that way. Ok, now review the special black-version CRF450 and CRF250 MX bikes. Those look pretty cool to my eye.

  • jr

    I also agree 100% with all of you guys ,I also have this bike and not just the paint scheme the bike itself is a great ride and off the chart, handling, wheelies, speed its all there at our finger tips and thats what its all about right. CBR forever

  • Stefan

    Whoever wrote this article is obviously more out of touch with society than a major corporation. Since the first day I bought this bike I have received nothing but compliments, stares, & offers to sell it. Most people do not even realize that this is a factory job. This is not at all the first bike I’ve owned, but has certainly gotten more attention from me & others than any other bike I’ve had. This bike has appealed to even the most traditional & hardcore Harley riders who see it more as an artwork, than a bike. The funniest part is that none of those people had even ridden it. This bike is & will continue to be special edition.

  • TJ Mass

    Absolutely, I get nothing but compliments on this bike. I think the person that wrote this article is the one that is so out of touch. The bike is absolutely sick looking. Where I come you can’t get this bike, there are like two in the area…..I myself have never seen another one on the rode. Awesome machine!!!

  • g

    i want one

  • Paul Peic

    This is by far the nicest looking stock bike on the road, hands down. I liked it so much that I first bought the regular 2007 CBR 600rr (because I couldn’t find a Graffiti anywhere), and then by chance I lucked out and found a Graffiti in another province. I drove over 12 hours to pick it up and bring it home! This dealer still has one more left if anyone is looking.

    I now own both bikes and can’t wait to ride my new Graffiti in the spring. The regular CBR 600rr will be up for sale if anyone is interested.

  • Ty

    I shopped around and looked at several CBR600s and I can say that I liked them all, liked being the key word. But when I walked into Ask Powersports and saw this beautiful bike sitting there, I walked up to a sales rep and said “im buying that, start the paperwork.” Ive been on several group rides and not to gloat, but both sport riders and cruiser riders are in awe of how unique and amazing this bike looks. Maybe you should write an article on the rest of the 08 CBR600s on how they all look alike, same paint scheme, different colors!?!? In terms of stock bikes, hands down the most beautiful looking bike.

  • Martin Cee

    Ummm. Okay… I used to paint graffiti. In NYC, the veritable BIRTHPLACE of the art, and I am a motorcycle enthusiast as well and I must say that I understand the disdain you have for both the bike and the art form, but I can’t agree with you less… THIS PAINT SCHEME IS THE SHIZZNIT for RIZZLE. You are way off the mark and obviously marketing is not your forte, I am wondering if you wear tight white underwear to compliment your tight white personality? And by that I don’t mean skin color, but your vanilla personality…


    I’m wondering how you came up with this opinon. Because it was a bad one, not wrong BUT BAD. I’m 36 I own one, I have had it for 1 year 7 months end have put 17000 miles on it frigen great bike, this bike get nuthing but compliments.
    You said “Do graffiti graphics make you want to do the same thing? We thought not”. YES I do when I first saw this bike I TO FELL IN LOVE. So I ask again how did you come up with this opinon

  • Derek

    i love this bike it was love at first site i dont know what the fuck this retard who wrote this was thinking this bike is the best seller at the local cycle shop in my city

  • Ruben

    Seeing that i am a graf artist myself i respect the approach that honda has made in this bike. And to say that graffiti is a trend you apparently need to get out of the cave. This is a lifestyle associated with a type of art thats not meant for all eyes including yours.. Mad props to the bike i will be picking mine up also…

  • Derrick

    im also an owner of the graffiti and also said “sold” when i saw it.. i also love the 2010 white 600rr with the chick on it.. ive even seen the o8 graffiti in white with black graffiti.. if i had the money i would buy another one and put the white farings on it.. haha only if

  • darkpenn

    Ya. You’re wrong. The graffiti is awesome, I’m having trouble a white one to buy. Guess all the people who got their hands on one won’t give em up. Suck on dese nuts

  • Josh

    I own a graffiti CBR, and like the others fell in love as soon as I seen it! I have a lot of aftermarket parts, and mods done to mine though. Turn signal/rear end eliminator, full Yoshi exhaust, shorty brake/clutch levers, different windscreen, power commander 3, with LED Under glows, different foot peg and heel protectors, it has been lowered some (I am only 5’7) And many other parts. I bought the bike in May 2013 with only 3k miles on it. I paid $6500. Can anyone tell me if they believe this is a good or bad price with the extras and aftermarket parts?? I’ve seen them go from $5000 up to over $8000 on different websites. I bought mine from a dealer and it came with a 2 year full warranty another reason why I believe the price is a good deal. I have never seen a white one, only photo shopped white ones, and I like the look and would truly like to consider doing this but that’s another winter project possibly. Another question. How do you know if you truly have the limited edition Graffitti edition, or just a regular CBR600RR with the graffiti stickers/fairing kit?