NYPD to evaluate Vectrix electric scooters

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police-vectrix1.jpgBeginning in early January, the NYPD will begin testing four Vectrix electric maxi-scooters. The vehicles will be used for regular patrols in parks, traffic enforcement and during the department’s controversial policing of rallies and protests.
>The NYPD already uses a fleet of 400 gasoline-powered scooters for duties ranging from ticketing illegal parkers to cracking down on the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rally.
The city hopes that the new zero-emissions scooters will help present a
more friendly, environmentally responsible face for the force, which is
known for its harsh enforcement tactics and intolerance. Officers are hoping the ultra-quiet scooters help them sneak up on bad guys.

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    The other scooters that NYPD uses are Piaggio BV200s. The cool thing about their bikes is that they have a completely different charging system from other BV200s. Piaggio made this “NYPD special” system because the officers were sitting at idle (that bike doesn’t charge at idle), or riding just off idle for hours at a time and the charging system couldn’t keep up (especially with the cooling fan constantly kicking on and the headlight running). The solution was to have the headlight flash fast enough to not be detected when the voltage got too low. The way you can tell of a bike with this system is that the headlight seems to turn slightly bluer when it starts to flash.
    — The reason I bring this up is that these bikes needed to be altered to handle the intense “sitting at idle” that the NYPD was doing. The vectrix does not recharge itself when sitting with the lights on, or even while riding, only when regen braking (twisting the throttle backwards for engine braking) so will the batteries last long enough to creep along at slow speeds or sit in one place for long periods of time with the headlights on? The one I rode only had about an hour of ride time before the battery had to be recharged for a couple of hours (the LED police lights won’t be a problem since they pull so little) Hopefully it works, keep us posted YALL!