Vectrix releases first image of electric trike

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Vectrix-trike.jpgThis is the new Vectrix trike. Expect performance to be identical to the two-wheeler’s 62mph top speed and 68-mile range. The riding experience will be familiar to anyone who’s ridden a Piaggio MP3, only quieter. No details have been released yet.


  • Max

    I went bar hopping in New Orleans on the prototype Vectrix about a year ago. It was great; a bit heavy, but no sound, sufficient power and cool reverse throttle engine breaking. The only problem was about 5 minuets of drive time between when the “low battery” light came on and the when the bike became as useful as a paperweight. At that point we were forced to tow it behind a Vespa with a sidecar the last 8 blocks. It was quite a sight.

  • shadow

    holy crapper. this is the most sexy bike Ive ever seen. Im not usually into cars and stuff, but seriously, I think I might have an accident in my pants. now if only it used a more powerful energy source.