Whitehouse honors Jim Goose with MFP-Goose 1100

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whitehouse-goose.jpgWe’re not usually big law enforcement fans. But one agency we totally support is the Main Force Patrol. Their mission: Ruling the Wasteland and Maintaining Right. If we were bigger badasses, we’d fly to Australia and enlist.

For years, their most famous officer has been the late, great Jim Goose. Little recognized outside of the force, he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Japanese custom-bike builder Whitehouse is honoring him with a special edition Kawasaki ZR-11000, just like the Goose Man used to ride back in the ‘70s before anarchists cut his brake lines, leading to his sad demise.

Even better: If you think the MFP-Goose 1100 is cool, just check out the Goose replica helmet after the jump. So the Goose bought it, but that’s just the way he came into the world.


  • ClashCityRocker

    One for me please

  • Eric Lahti


    I just stumbled on your site and saw the “goose” helmet. I’ve been looking high and low for one of these. unfortunetly I cant find where to buy one outside of japan. any ideas?

    • jay la Rosa

      Eric, Did you find one?


  • Jay la Rosa

    I’m with Eric, where can I find that helmet outside of Japan?


  • gerald

    are they still making the jim goose replica bike? does anyone know who might be? thanks