Acabion announces new GTBO will have 750bhp

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Acabion-GTBO2.jpgThe performance of most vehicles is measured with a 0–60mph time. An outdated standard for sure, but one that is, nonetheless, universal. To apply such an earthly measure to the Acabion GTBO is to fail to understand the apocalyptic nature of its performance. Most bikes do 0–60 in about three seconds. The Acabion GTBO does 0–300mph in 30 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 340mph, and it can maintain that speed on half throttle.
>Acabion-GTBO1.jpgIt’s not just the performance figures that are shocking. Unbelievably,
it’s frugal too. At 100mph, it can do 100mpg. At 250, it manages 25.
That’s better than most cars manage at 55mph.

The GTBO achieves such incredible performance through low aerodynamic
drag, low weight, low rolling resistance and a 750bhp, turbocharged
Hayabusa engine.

This is the part where reality interferes. The company is ready to
begin production of the fourth generation machine seen here this month.
But if you want one, not only will you have to cough up €1.83 million,
but also you’ll have to wait three years. That’s how long it takes to put a
GTBO together.


  • Max

    That is absolutely ridiculous, are those numbers real or just approximations. Also do those “training wheels” stay down the entire ride or do they retract at speed? Either way as soon as I get $2,700,000 I’ll get one…

  • Wes Siler

    Nah, the training wheels are just down at walking speed. I also plan to buy one soon, well, once I get my hands on $2.7 million that is.


  • D J Darjean

    Of all the videos I have seen of the Acabion Gtbo I have never seen the training wheels up, and I have never seen it up to speed. Or even anywhere even up to cruising speed. Seems if they want to make claims they way they do, it would be a simple thing to at least, have video to back it up. One loaded ?. Can it even run with the training wheels up?

  • tom cook

    I’ll keep it short & simple “AWSOME” T. C.

  • JH

    This numbnuts has been trying to promote this abortion for years with wild claims of huge speed and crazy mpg.

    As it claims to have a turbo hayabusa motor making 750HP dont you think it would be nessissary for this engine to of ever MADE this sort of HP. True the motor has made over 700 for a split second on a dyno but the motor is not streetable and certainly will not get 100 mpg at 250 mph.


    Lets talk bearing speed of the little wheels at any speed over 200….anyone say smoke?

    As someone who has multiple land speed records, using hayabusa and turbo hayabusa engines I find the claims made by this individual very offensive. People like myself and Rocky have worked really hard and spend untold amounts of money to do what we have done. THis braggart boasts of things he has not and never will do.