Ducati to unveil 10 new models by 2010

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1098rfront1.jpgDucati plans to launch 10 new bikes by 2010, according to an announcement made during a presentation to the firm’s backers January 16. The first three are the 2008 Monster 696, 848 and 1098. Three more will follow in 2009 and four in 2010. After the Monster 696, all models will be “premium” bikes, which presumably means a larger capacity than the new Monster.

We predict 2009 will see further derivatives of the new Monster platform being launched, possibly accompanied by higher-performance versions of the 848. A new Multistrada could be in the cards for 2010, or even a new sports tourer.


  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    Ducati is clearly doing some amazing things in the very near future, I just cant wait to ride the 1098R!!

  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    by the way there will be 4 in 2009

  • Wes Siler

    But which 4 will they be?

  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    well im not a dealer yet… but when i am I’ll let you know! I was with the rep just yesterday and was told 4 and thats all. they will most likely be monsters

  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    correction, not all monsters but 1 or 2

  • http://www.devil-riders.com Chris

    Hopefully they do something about the 848 and the issue with heat on the riders legs. It just bleeds too much heat onto your feet/legs and gets near burning point right now.

  • Mark

    My guess is 848S, Monster 800 & 1000 2v, and a Sportclassic SS.

  • Peter

    so no new Multistrada in 2009, then ?

    i think sporty tourers / road oriented adevnture bikes will have good demand in years to come..

    they should have an answer to the popular r 1200 gs..

  • http://www.ducatinewstoday.com Mark

    2009 is 1198, Streetfighter and Monster 1100
    2010 is Multistrada replacement, Cruiser (Ducati Vyper) and there have been rumors of a high end scooter that seem to have been squashed

  • Fons

    I hope a Streetfighter with a 848 ensign so the price will be lower and a lot of people who buy now japanse bikes, will buy this Streetfighter


  • JRhew

    Selling my RC51, what a great bike ….
    love the twins, moving towards an 848.
    Rode a few Ducati bikes with dry clutches, only impressed by the wet clutch release,
    any issues with the 848 would be appreciated.

  • http://www.byke2pleasegals.com rock

    When did the ducati will lunch there models in India? In such a good market of varity of bykes in India, we cant find any ducati, why man?
    will b waiting fr the dream byke 2 come here…..ya –hoooo