Hank Young customizes Hayabusa

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haya-21.jpgCall us crazy, but we actually kind of like this custom Hayabusa from Hank Young. Inspired in part by classic streamliners (the front fender), classic hot rods (the spoked wheels and tubular swingarm), and the Gulf Ford GT40 (the paint), it’s sort of a confused homage to 1950s and 1960s racing, with a touch of Art Deco thrown in for good measure. We’re not sure how or why all these worlds collided on this ‘busa, but the result is akin to the innocence and curiosity of a child’s drawing.

Young Choppers & Hot Rods

  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    I love that front fender! maybe it’s bonneville’s influence but iv gotta put it on one of mine

  • http://www.busabeats.com Justin

    Wow! The Hank Young custom busa is awesome! Love the classic streamliner styling. Check out these websites I designed for Suzuki and the Hayabusa.


    another mc battle for a custom busa coming soon.