Honda CB1100F set for production in 2009

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Honda-CB1100F.jpgMCN is reporting that the CB1100F, first seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, will be put into production in 2009. They go on to report that the US will be the first market in which the big, air-cooled retro is offered. We like the CB1100F but are really holding our breath for its sportier cousin, the CB1100R.


  • DC

    I love how you link to MCN, MCN links to you as a source.

    If this makes it to the states with ABS (or if the cb1300F does) I’m trading in my 750.

  • chris gracia

    i’d buy one! hell yes i would.

  • Carlos Arocho

    It is about freaking time HONDA !!!!!!!! Put me on the list for one. Dual Exhaust would have been nice but we are lucky to be getting this one.

  • Stan Kolodny


  • Enigma66

    I called American Honda @ (866) 784-1870 and was told that it will only be available in Japan and Europe. :(

    Call them, see if you get the same answer.

  • http://Jelly_man Jerry

    I really want to know when this bike will be available! Honda could lose a lot of sales in US if they don’t release soon. Many people are buying bikes in 2009. Hopefully this retro will be available, if not I’ll probably buy a Triumph like many others.

  • Billy Cantwell

    I am the proud owner of Two cb900f,s an 1981 and a 1982 and would Buy this Bike in a heart beat… Billy ,Come on HONDA, you can let us long time honda owners finally have a ride-able new Bike…. Billy

  • Terry Wray

    wiil go perfect with my 1978 cb 750, sign me up….what colors will be available? maybe green?

  • Robert arthur

    It looks like the second coming of the77 cb750f! Sign me up!

  • giulio baldacchino

    what are u honda up to.these machines are crap from fling stones age.takes no efforf to build a 30 year old machine with some fancy barakes on.Wake up honda the dark ages are over give us that v4 moto gp insired bike with razer edge performance,thats what i trade my cbr 1000 for not these medival knights

  • tony starr

    come on honda, 2009 is almost over. where is it??

  • Geezer65

    This old geezer has a FJR1300AE and a Honda VTX1300C. I’ve always had a pine for the old CB750, and drolled over some nice ones that I’ve seen on the road. I don’t need another bike, but I’d BUY this one, especially if it has options for wired wheels, windshield, and hard bags. I’ll wait a little longer, but make it soon.

  • mogwai

    waiting,,,, I’d be happy to buy one of these but if they’re too proud to sell one in the states, i guess i could just buy an 83 and change the gears. in montana, we passed a law that lets us build guns without serial numbers so long as they don’t leave the states. Can you imagine a small turret on this machine??

  • Wilmington

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  • Joe Kelenfy

    A 4-piper please….