Honda EVO6 to reach production in 2009?

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01.jpgIt’s heavily rumored that the Honda EVO6, complete with its Gold Wing derived flat-six, will go into production next year. The bike originally appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show back in September alongside the CB1100F, which will also be produced, and our favorite, the CB1100R, which has sadly been deemed too expensive for manufacture.

Should it reach production, expect the EVO6 to be made in limited numbers and feature a high price tag. Like the Honda Rune before it, it’s likely the EVO6 will be produced at Honda’s Ohio factory alongside the Gold Wing.

  • Cameron

    If it’s going to be a high price tag, do you mean $20-$30 thousand expensive?

  • Bob

    I hope it’s not over $12K .
    Maybe they will come out with a new Valk with the 1800 FI motor .

  • anon

    This looks like 16-18k bike.

  • Jake L

    The goldwing runs 24k stock so I would bet it’s at least that given it’s a limited run.

  • Kevin

    I agree with Bob, they should come out with a new Valkyrie. I just got back from a trip in WV and as always the locals walk past the Goldwings to check out my 10 year old bike….

  • colt dangerman sims

    this badboys on my shopping list and it will sit nicely next to my hayabusa and fatboy in the garage ,,,bring it on ill be happy to pay up tp $30k but not sure if id go over that in stock form !!

  • jim

    if honda was smart they would take some advise and bring back the valkyrie,and take a look at what harley does as far as brain washing and working on the people want.

  • paul

    I love the new look! The Honda flat 6 is so unique in the bike world,and the most smooth and durable motor ever. Anyone that rides a Honda 6 knows! I currently have an ’04 Rune,’98 Valkyrie,’80 CB900 Custom and 03 VTX1300. The Evo6 would be a great addition to my Honda stable!! Hond, How bout an 1830 Valkyrie!!! Big bikes are not dead!!!