Scooter-mounted billboards make advertising mobile

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Scooter-ads.jpgCapitalizing on the positive image associated with scooters and their freedom to move in urban areas, Scoot Pub is using them as a new venue for advertising. Compared to the trucks equipped with mobile billboards, this idea makes a lot of sense. No only does it makes the ads more mobile, but it also removes from them the negative associations a large truck has in a city. So far, the service is only available in France, but we’d like to see it move into gridlocked cities like New York and London.

Scoot Pub

  • Max

    Turns out Scooter Media is already doing it in the states. The way the trailers are mounted to the bike allows the rider to turn just as a normal scooter and barely feel the trailer at all. The trailers have lights and speakers making the quite the attention getter, not to mention they travel in packs. It’s a great idea and will become allot more popular in years to come.

  • john

    This has been running for over 5 years in Australia, UK and other parts of Europe with great success.