Vespa ad cuts to the chase

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vespad-1.jpgWe like this print ad from Vespa Australia. It sums up all the reasons for buying one of its scooters in an immediate, impactful, appealing way. The ad also spurns the trend of latching onto spurious fashion and cultural trends, and even the cult of celebrity. Buying a Vespa equals freedom from a world of monotonous conformity.

The Cool Hunter

  • Max

    that is a really cool promotion! If only Vespa USA did the same, their current advertizing strategy is teamin up with a new TLC show “How to Look Good Naked”… If that doesnt scream “VESPA”; wait it doesnt!

  • RimK

    Hi Guys.
    I m very interested and would know some additional informations about this print!

    please, when the print appeared?

    If you know Others ADS and PRINTs that uses SUCH EFFECT OF LIGHT,

    PLEASE , let me know! THANK YOU !

    my email: