2009 Yamaha V-Max may get more than 200bhp

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vmax.jpgWhile official information regarding the new V-Max remains nebulous at best, Simon Belton, Yamaha UK’s marketing manager, recently stated that it would need to be a 200bhp+ monster in order to be commercially successful. He was also quick to point out that the V-Max, now slated for 2009, may be languishing in development limbo because of problems with emissions testing and a litigation-adverse corporate culture in Japan. Following this setback, Yamaha Japan is now keeping mum, but Belton goes on to say, “The V-Max will do 0–100km/h in the blink of an eye.”

If this rumor and conjecture is correct, and the V-Max is delivered in limited numbers (with a high price and high power figures), it could be an exotic drag bike–style rival to Ducati’s Desmosedici RR. It could also start an exotic-bike power war between manufacturers in both Europe and Japan. We think we’d be OK with that.
  • donny

    I have a 2004 vmax with a stage 7 jet kit and 4 mikunas and Kerker pipes.A very fast bike I may say.I am waiting to see the new Vmax so I can buy one.When will they be in Ct.???

    • kurt

      donny i have 1996 max with a kerker pipe no other mods 17;000 miles on it. in your opinyon would you invest $850.00 for a stage 7 kit raceing baffle kn filters. would i notice a big difference. bike runs great now

      thanks kurt

    • chip

      I just took delivery of my new Vmax. I have to tell you, what a rush. I have Karts that top out at 115mph, fast boats, etc, but none of them give me the rush this new Vmax does. It is smooth in traffice, but pull it’s chain and hold on. The fact that it looks great is second to the ride. I have several Harley’s, but haven’t even ridden one since I received the Vmax. Why when I don’t have too?

  • Lucas Hval

    Not very impressed with the 2009 V-max. Yamaha has missed the mark and is selling in the same bracket as the V-Rod and Victory Hammer SS.

    Nice that they have an 18 inch tire set up, kind of like catching up with the times and the V-rod as well.

    Yamaha also did not listen or really look at what the general V-maxers have done to their bikes and try to incorporate these changes into this new bike.

    Where is the variable V-boost controller, the auxillary fuel system or larger fuel tank, better driving light system, multi-stage rear suspension to list a few.

    • Vic

      you have got to be kidding? It`s big, its nice ugly, it absolutely accelerates and handles well. Are you on planet earth?

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Those are good points Lucas. I’d like to seen them reinterpret the VMax into a more functional design, one capable of tackling corners or long trips as well as it’ll handle stoplight-to-stoplight.

    I guess they saw retro car designs made on the cheap — the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger — and decided to cash in on the style over function thing.

    Make sure you check out our post on the 2009 VMax unveiling, it’s got all the official specs and whatnot.


  • Allan

    No matter what Yamaha does as far as power, it will not be a V max unless you get off it feeling like you just took a dare and alllllllllllmost regret it!

  • Dave Marks

    The new 2009 Yamaha v-max is a bit of a let down.
    Just 1679cc, they could have upped the stroke and made it into a 2 ltre.
    Calling the bike The V-Max 2.(The figure 2 being the size of a ‘squared’ 2)
    As in the second V-max AND 2 ltres.
    As it is Yamaha have whimped out with only it’s styling and this claimed 0-60 figure that is so wonderfull.
    With just under 200hp and the power sapping of a shaft drive,(great though that it still has one)it may not be much faster than the current crop of tire burners.
    Not even 1800cc let alone 2 ltre what a let down.
    I don’t believe Claims that it made 290hp in tests.
    Nice bike though,especially the LOOKS of the engine, real nice that, but after all that wait, could have been better in the cc area.

  • Charles Mace

    Wow,Fantastic if you want a motorcyle and not a mouse.Get this.Yamaha wanted to show muscle and they sure did.If you dont want a beast and if you cant handle it please stop by your other local bike shops.Thanks great job Yamaha.

  • michael Robinson

    How does it compair to the suzuki GSR1300

    • matt

      you need to find the video on youtube where the guy test drove one and he owns a hayabusa. he said the new v max is faster because of torque and horsepower. he also said that the v max is once again the king of the road.

      the new vmax is actually hiding a meaner side. (much like dr jekyll and mr hyde). the v max has been tuned down a great deal. with the new computer chips and tuners of today we can unleash it. but…..it will cost you.

  • Danny Lovett

    A buck fifty buys ya a fresh cup of coffee so take this for what it’s worth but I must confess, I don’t get any of this “they didn’t” stuff. They raised the engine by a “mere” 500cc and 50 horsepower. Shoot I remember when the 750 four first came out and I thought that was massive,then the original Max came out and it was better than Viagra! Now a complaint because it’s not 2000 ccs? It’s got combustion chambers that change length so basically the vboost is always on. The rear is mono shock. The lighting system has been completely redone. Everything is chip controlled for high performance. The Vrod is barely over 1/2 the horsepower and not even in the same league as this bike, they had to add a cheater bottle to get even close to this. Comparing it or the Victory to a 1700 V4 is crazy. The basic styling (exposed frame with under seat tank) and name of the VRod are blatent cops of the Max. Yamaha isn’t joining anything in my book. They invented the look! My 1985 PCW1260 with stage 7 kit will eat either of those 2 bikes and I’ve done it. I’ve spent thousands over the years building a custom Max that this new one will shred. Get some one who knows how to tweak the chip set in this and It will torch pavement to cinder. Pro stock drag cars that do 4 and 5 sec 1/4 mile times all use a drive shaft and seem to do fine with the power sucking. Maybe I’m easily impressed but I think this is one awesome production machine worth every penny of the price. Would I have done a few thing different? Sure, but it says STAR in the title not Lovett. (the whole idea of making it a STAR instead of a Yamaha is my biggest beef to be honest.) It looks awesome and hopefully they make it for more than one production run so I can scrounge the coin. MY thanks to Yamaha for keeping the coolest bike ever made alive and kicking. Please don’t make us wait another 20+ years for version 3!

  • Victor Meldrew

    I am a thirty year rider who mainly rides Harleys these days. But although I am an “old school” Harley rider and not one of the new crop of yuppies, I never was into the “if it ain’t a Harley…” stuff if you know what I mean. I love motorcycles! And I’ve owned many different makes. My current bike is a 2001 FXSTS (Softail Springer). Even though it is ridden all the time, it is like a show bike. It gets CRAZY attention wherever I go. It’s not your yuppie midlife crisis bike with $10,000 worth of genuine Harley accessories bolted on by the dealer before it ever hit the street. Nope, not this one. I’ll have to post a picture so you can get the idea. It’s beautiful and unique. I’m not rich or wealthy or even comfortable -I just spend all my money on bikes! I know this yuppied doctor guy with seven Harleys – one for every day of the week he says. He just went out and bought some new cookie cutter chopper (as I call them) with 20″ ape hangers for something like $35,000. He went riding with us once and everything was falling off of the bike and the bars would not stay put. The idiots put 20″ ANYWAY my reason for posting is because I’ve been thinking of selling it to buy a new V-Max. You see I’m just not excited by my Hog’s limited horsepower. I need some speed! And considering that the Harley biker brotherhood has devolved into everything that we started riding Harleys as the antithesis for in the first place

  • Victor Meldrew

    Hey, I have been riding 30 years and mainly ride Harleys these days. However I am an “old school” Harley rider and not one of the new crop of yuppies, and I was never into the “if it ain’t a Harley…” stuff. I love all motorcycles and have owned many different makes. My current is a 2001 FXSTS (Softail Springer). Even though it is ridden all the time, it’s like a show bike. It gets CRAZY attention wherever I go. It’s not a “yuppie midlife crisis bike” with $10,000 worth of genuine Harley accessories bolted on by the dealer. I’ll have to post a picture so you can get the idea. It’s 1 of a kind. Now I’m not rich or even comfortable -I just spend all my money on bikes! I wish that I could afford more than one bike but I cannot. ANYWAY my reason for posting is because I’ve been thinking of selling it to buy a new VMax. I’m just not excited by my Hog’s limited horsepower. And I like hi-tech, which a Hog certainly isn’t. Also, the Harley biker brotherhood has devolved into everything that we started riding Harleys in opposition of in the first place, so that aspect of it is slipping away fast. And I made the bike so nice that I ride less now. I made it TOO nice for the street. But I’m wondering about the street price of the VMax. $18,000 is too much. I’d like to pay about $13,000 for it. What do you think? I’m not impressed by the styling either. I was hoping for some really high tech or wild stuff (like the Honda Rune, another bike I’m considering – I’m also waiting to see Kaw and Suz responses to the new VMax) but the new VMax looks a lot like the old one. That may be good on Harleys but not VMax’s! Finally, I read that the HP may be restricted from around 195 to perhaps 150. Now 150 is certainly a lot, but if I’m paying for it I decide, not them. I want all of the HP. I read that the original ones were restricted too, but that could be disabled. If the new bike has a restriction will I be able to un-restrict it? Heck I was thinking of putting a supercharger on it, not restricting HP!!! Thanks!

  • Victor Meldrew

    oops sorry for the double post there, the first one was rejected for too many characters but it seems to have posted part of it anyway. I used up my characters trying to describe that doctor’s $35,000 chopper with the parts falling of everywhere and the slipping bars – what I was about to say when I got cut off was that the supposed custom bike builder who built, or more accurately assembled, the bike put 20″ ape hangers on it that were not knurled. It’s lucky the guy didn’t get killed. You can’t put 12″ apes on unmodified billet risers without some slippage, much less 20″. I run 13″ bars but I modify my risers so that they never slip. However knurled bars are a necessity with tall bars regardless. And 20″ non-knurled bars on billet risers? That’s a recipe for disaster!

    Sorry too for getting off-topic but I had left that message hanging and I could not delete it.

    But since I am here I did forget to ask you all a question, and that is what the touring capabilities of the new VMax would be. I’ve customized my bike so much that I cannot even get bags on anymore (upswept fishtails on the right, old Cadillac taillight/license mount on the left). I travel light, but that makes it very light! Everything is tied either to the bars or a small sissy bar. I manage, but for travelling long distances a couple of hard shell bags with touring pack sound very appealing to me these days as I get older and seem to need to carry more stuff. Aging blows, I remember when I carried NOTHING – I slept where I fell!

    • Kelly

      Try a Triumph Rocket III on for size. 2300cc (140ci) and 130hp 140ftlbs right out of the box. With minor tweeks mine now puts out 150hp and 160ftlbs at very low revs. Nice BIG comfy bike with tractor like power.

  • G. Wesener

    I have had the 93 vmax, a yamaha R1, and a Harley V-Rod, and now the 2009 V-Max. Let me tell you the low end torq and take off this bike has Holy Crap! alot of people like to talk crap about bikes. Hey if you out on two or three wheels thats all that matters see you in my rear view.!.

    Thanks G.W.

  • S. Erhardt

    I’ve had 6 Vmax’s now. Currently I have a ’95 that is chromed out with a 300 rear tire and 56 mm inverted forks. Great looking but terrible handling. The ’09 Vmax is the best bike I have ever owned. That list includes a 2300 cc Triumph Rocket, an ’06 BMW R1200RT, Aprilla Futura, Honda Valkerie, VTX 1800 and my other current ride – Yamaha’s Roadliner with Corbin bags and fairing. How can folks say that Yamaha missed the mark of what the current owners wanted? We got to keep the shaft drive, water cooled V-4 motor. We kept the distinctive scoops – but they are now functional, the brakes were horrible so we got radial mounted waved rotored ABS as it’s replacement, the chassis flex was horrible and needed ugly frame braces to correct, the new chassis is wonderful. We wanted more power – we got it. We wanted better handling – we got it. I am not a huge fan of the exhaust set-up but aftermarket will take care of that. The biggest complaint I keep hearing is the price, which exposes the buyers short-coming they attack the bike. Had it sold for $ 12,000 you wouldn’t have heard a single complaint about the machine. Yes $ 18,000 is a lot for a bike made by Yamaha, but it’s a deal compared to a Victory, a Harley, a Triumph or any other high-dollar ride. But the Vmax delivers a whole lot more for the money.