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Ace-Cafe-Racer.JPGTo celebrate the 70th anniversary of its opening, London’s Ace Cafe has announced it’s going to start building bikes. The aptly titled Ace Cafe Racer will premiere later this year as a special one-off model to be entered in S&S Cycle’s 50th anniversary custom contest in June. A limited production run will follow shortly after.

The 100ci S&S v-twin–powered café racer is the product of Ace owner Mark Wilsmore’s longtime dream of building his own range of bikes. To do so, he has teamed up with noted English custom builder Nick Gale and Ace investor George Tsuchnikas to found the Stonebridge Motor Company.
>Lance Weil H-D.jpgThe bike itself was inspired by this poster of Lance Weil’s custom
Harley Davidson that’s hung on Mark’s kitchen wall for the past 20

The Ace Cafe Racer is in the early stages of its build. It’s
expected that the limited run of 100 production bikes will be ready
in late 2008 and will be sold in Europe, Japan and America. Should they
prove successful, expect the Stonebridge Motor Company to bring more
models to market in the near future.

We’re excited by the prospect of a barebones, air-cooled twin café
racer inspired by that category’s founding minimalist principles. It
should be the antithesis of the modern, affected retro bike that
chooses a misguided sense of style over speed. We’ll be sure to keep
you updated as the build progresses.

Ace Cafe Racer

  • Valiant

    Love the concept but you may have left out a vital ZERO “100ci S&S v-twin’:)

  • Wes Siler

    ci stands for cubic inches, so that’s a 1,634cc v-twin. Don’t worry, I don’t speak ‘merican either.



  • Bruce

    Just discovered your site and the bikes have been out for a year. How did they go, what did they cost, will there be more?

  • Sharada Weil

    Lance Weil was my dad and he passed away about 3 1/2 years ago. He loved that Harley and I watched him poor his heart and sole into restoring it for years. I’m so happy to see that it has inspired someone to do the same and I’m sure he would be too.

    • Marshall Waugh

      My interest in bike racing covered the glory years of the sixties here in The United Kingdom. Racing
      leathers all black, bombshell crash helmets, run & bump race starts, an
      absolute fog of that wonderful oil smoke smelling of Castrol-R at race

      Very few if any North American riders were around then. One rider will
      always be remembered though. Lance, riding his Harley
      Davidson. He came over from the States on a shoestring budget,not a chance
      of beating the big factory machines with their star riders. He was known as
      a privateer , not having big factory backing. He would race his heart out
      with that home tuned bike & his determination was there for all to see. He
      was greatly admired for it & roaring cheers would come from the crowd
      whenever he appeared.

      It is very sad to hear of his untimely death.

    • David McGraw


      I talked to your father in 2002. I told him that I was building
      a faithfull replica of his bike as first built. I told him the only
      thing i was missing was the fairing which he identified and i
      found. He sent me an autografed drawing of his bike and I
      put this on the seat tail of the bike. It would be great to talk
      to you and be able to send you pictures of the bike. Dave

    • Ian Ratcliffe

      I raced against him, he was larger than life. I remember my Transit running out of petrol in Orpington in Kent, i knocked on a door and Lance answered ! Ian Ratcliffe

  • Nigel Fox

    I remember seeing Lance Weil at Mallory Park a few times in the 60s, we hadn’t seen Yanks over here before he really put on a good show with his heavyweight Harley against the lighter Singles , he was quite a character and a good bloke !!

  • yipY

    A Harley powered cafe custom has little if anything that reflects Ace Cafe history,and never will.