AD Boivin Explorer + Aprilia SXV + snow = awesome

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Aprilia-SXV-Explorer.jpgBy attaching a snowmobile track and a front ski to an Aprilia SXV (or any other supermoto, enduro or motocross bike), AD Boivin have brought class-defying exotica to the snow. We’ve already shown you a similar kit from 2Moto, but AD Boivin appears to offer a more complete product. The position of the rear track is adjustable, as is the height of the front ski, enabling you to fine tune the levels of handling and grip to your tastes. The Explorer kit also retains the stock rear brake disk. The company goes on to claim that you can ride the betracked bike on mud and sand in addition to the more traditional snow. A video of an Explorer-equipped SXV follows the jump.

AD Boivin

  • Hell For Fatties

    This kind of looks like Johnny Five from Short Circuit

    • bernie

      I have rode both kits as well as the other guy.
      I will keep my personal opinion to myself and only suggest that a person should ride both. Then they may form there own opinion. I can comment that I was recently at a snowmobile show in Calgary. There the 2moto rep from Idaho, Brett I believe was his name, told me how much the 2 moto added to the bike in weight. Brett said that it added 30# to the bike. I had the opportunity to weigh one, and my digital scale added 68# to the 2007 Husaberg.

      • Brett

        Bernie… You did not even come close to our booth at the Calgary show. Keep it real. We publish weights on our website, and quote the same weights in person. We weighed and Explorer 650 Berg at 340 pounds. That’s +100 over stock tires.

        Also, 2Moto systems are easily changed between different bikes using one of our “fit kits”- A small box of spacers. Some customers change back to tires in under an hour.

        All the specs at

    • sebfromkebek

      3000$ in canada plus the aprilia svx 4.5 for 10 500 i am not sure for the price

  • charlie-kane


    Is there any possible way of buying a toy model of these type of bikes?

    Its a present for my cousin.


  • Dzole Markov

    How much will cost this thing i want to bue one .

  • Evelina

    how much it costs? I want to buy one too. Thanks

  • taylor

    how much ????????? buyer

  • MIhnea Cristian Basgan

    How much does it cost, can kids ride it?

  • Snow Rider

    The 2Moto Radix Snow Bike is the only way to go. I have now been on both and there is no comparison. The 2Moto is a true performance machine and is unbelievable to ride. Explorer is uncontrollable on the snow and is all over the place, and the snow x cycle just plain sucks, it like riding a chain saw in the snow. Check it out at

    • x2468

      really? thanks for your input. it’s rare to hear the opinion of someone who has ridden so many snow track conversion bikes. So the explorer was unstable in snow? was this deep snow or groomed trail? and you liked the 2moto better. I’m thinking it might having something to do with the secondary shock they use on the rear track. I think the explorer might be better for areas that don’t get A LOT of snow, because it can be ridden on dirt as well. so in the spring/fall when it hasn’t snowed much or the snow is melting, it’s alright to bring the explorer on the dry/muddy patches.

  • redline

    we just had one delivered but havent put it on yet. but it looks like alot of fun.

  • redline

    we just put it on and it works great. and looks great too

  • scrmn

    The 2 moto is an overpriced joke. It costs twice as much as the explorer (Explorer is only 3K Canadian), is harder to install and is specifically built for each bike. With the Explorer you only need to buy an adapter kit if you change bike models or brands + it is as easy as changing a tire to go from winter to summer.

  • jimmy

    hi im just wondering how much you can get one of these bike/sled for an were you can buy them not to expensive

  • http://kkk jay

    is this a universl dasine

  • Luc Pinard

    how much does the ski kit only cost?

  • aRCo

    yaeh, 2moto looks more proffesional and looks it has a better performance, but 2moto price is ONE BIG JOKE!!! why it cost so much? USD4,250 is fcukin too much for most dirt bike users in Europe. If you want to sell a lot of 2moto kit divide its price by 2.
    And i’m sure you will still earn nice money with it…

  • Rikki Koen

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