Aprilia reveals 2009 RSV4 World Superbike racer

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aprilia-rsv-4-2.jpgAprilia has just unveiled its new RSV4 World Superbike contender. The 1000cc V4 develops “well over 200bhp””and marks not only the Noale-based company’s first four-cylinder bike, but also its return to four-stroke racing. Since Superbike homologation rules state that race machines need to be based on production bikes, expect to see a road-going version released in the near future. Follow the jump for more images and information.
>Aprilia-RSV-4.jpgThe 65˚ V4 is the most sophisticated engine Aprilia has ever made. By
using integral ride-by-wire technology, the company is able to offer
switchable power maps and even traction control.

The RSV4 was unveiled earlier today at a dealer conference in Milan. Stay tuned for more details.


  • RideForDesign

    Hmm, I’m seeing RC211V in the front fairing and R6 in the tail

  • FatBiker883

    Ha. Yeah, totally. R6 on the sides at the top too.

  • Wes Siler

    Yeah, it’s a shame to see the Italian bike makers going all Japanese with their superbikes. Aprilia used to have such a distinct design language, but they’re going all 1098 on us – derivative design.

  • fred_burnett

    yeah, but that fairing is seriously minimalist, i mean it barely covers the downpipes.

  • jshack

    I wish they would have looked a little closer at their MotoGP RS 3, (the first bodywork iteration). It was teh hotness.

  • Grant Ray

    The first version of the RS Cube was beautiful, and clearly the most elegant racer on the track at the time. It took the stance of the RS250W’s big brother. The visual lineage of all the RS racers have been astoundingly gorgeous. Maybe Aprilia should have stuck to the heritage of the RS to inform the RSV 4 instead of the derivative RSV Mille.

  • Grant Ray

    Then again, the first version Cube did have a fondness for exploding while was Colin Edwards was in mid-corner. Perhaps the designers at Aprilia are superstitious and thought it best not to evoke the spirit of what came to be called “the Pig.”

  • Dan

    This will be just great for the WSBK, Yam-Honda-Kawa-Suzu + BMW + Ducati + Aprilia…….

  • Doug

    The best way to build a racebike is to make the engine powerful and tractable (so that the rider can put the power to the ground), put it into a frame so that the mass is as centralized as possible (so that it will handle precisely), and then shape it so it cuts through the air well. This bike was built for world superbike racing…The stopwatch won’t care what it looks like.

  • antonio

    sara’una moto fantastica spero che fara’mangiare un po di polvere alle altre concorrenti peccato per chi avra’ qualche proplema di garanzia che la casa madre se ne infischia come e successo a me possessore di una rsv 1000 del 2001 adesso se dovrei aquistare il modello nuovo non lo aquisterei per il motivo che per me’ sono poco seri.

  • ross

    i have always admired the quality of italian bikes but i cant race them in a competative displecement class. they usually get refreshed once every ten years its great to se something current and competative i love the looks iwill probably buy one

  • matty mckeown

    this bike is f***ing awsome

    i have a 50cc aprillia SR and soon to get an RS 125. but this thing has got to be he king of all super bikes and every bike mag ive looked in has a pole for the 2009 bikes and everyone favours the RSV4. THE TRUTH BE TOLD this bike is a god send

  • andy mackay

    lets see biaggi have a superb season this year .. i personally think he was never ment to ride a duke…

  • http://21121979 alberto

    non e una moto,e un mostro………….
    troppo bella per essere vera……..

  • rod

    Hagar was ment to ride a How u say piece of shit today . Ben Spies should be on Suski. Bidggi should have been on something faster than Rossis Bayliss love his car my . my 04rsv is sweet cant wait for my next 1