Belstaff Brooklands brings waxed cotton up to date

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Belstaff-Brooklands-Jacket.jpgBelstaff is returning to its roots with the Brooklands jacket. Made from waxed cotton, a traditional Belstaff material, it’s waterproof, breathable and comes with the full complement of CE-approved armor. It’s refreshing to see a company producing high-quality, fully functional, non-leather motorcycle clothing that won’t make you look like Bibendum suddenly got a tribal fetish.


  • greg letain

    Do you know where I could find a Belstaff Mojave(Brooklands),XXL, beige in Canada or Stateside? I live in Alberta.

  • rpk

    I looked around and couldn’t find anything in the US. I ended up ordering from the UK – – shipping costs a fortune but is very fast.

    I love the jacket though – top notch.

    grandprix has a 50% off sale on Belstaff towards the end of August ’08. You can order online. The Mojave ain’t one of the jackets on sale though – probably because it’s a new style.

    Interestingly enough – I read somewhere that Belstaff is now owned by an Italian outfit – probably why the styles are aimed at the fashionistas.

    Anyway, I’m off to the real Mojave desert next weekend. Not sure if I’ll wear the jacket – the wax will probably melt in the 105 degree temperatures.

  • RDB

    Do you know where I can find a Belsaff jacket made from WW2 tenting.
    I saw it in Harry Rosen in the fall of 2008 but since is gone and not able to locate