DiCaprio to star in live-action Akira remake

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Cover-akira.jpgIconic anime film Akira is being remade as a two-part, live-action, Hollywood blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The first part, set in New Manhattan — supposedly rebuilt with Japanese money — will premiere next summer.

The original is credited with helping anime find a market outside Japan. Released in 1988, it tells the story of a teenage biker gang member subjected to government experimentation in a post-apocalyptic New Tokyo. It featured some of the most imaginative motorcycles ever conceived. Let’s hope the new version does too.

The films will mark the directorial debut of Ruairí Robinson, who was able to sell Warner Bros. on his vision of a re-imagined Akira. In addition to starring in them, DiCaprio will also produce the films.


  • Ian

    .. TANK .. as in, ” it’s going to.. “. I honestly have so many things to say about this, I just don’t know where to start, so I’ll just leave it at that one phrase and wish I’d never heard about this.

  • Core


    That’s really the only constructive thing I can say after finding this out.. ..

  • Mark Kilkelly

    I can’t honestly see this working at all. It’s just basically a masterpeice being milked by American producers!

  • ruub

    3 words: it’s gonna SUCK.