JT Nesbitt to premiere Bonneville documentary

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JT-Nesbitt-1.jpgConfederate Wraith designer JT Nesbitt will be premiering Salt Dreams, a documentary about his Bonneville land speed–record attempt April 2 in New Orleans. JT, along with a rag tag band that included a Triumph dealership owner, a founding member of Black Label Bicycle Club, a professional Boy Scout and a bartender with a tattooed face, built their racer out of the remains of a Lincoln Mark VIII that had been immersed in Hurricane Katrina’s floods. The documentary chronicles their attempts to set the speed record in the Blown Gas Coupe class, which stands at 268mph.
>JT-Nesbitt-2.jpgAfter the storm JT and his friends found themselves adrift in a city
that had lost its identity. Jobless, penniless and nursing the
psychological wounds resulting from being abandoned by the rest of their
country, the Mark VIII represented their attempt to regain a sense of
purpose and achievement in their lives.

Grant and I traveled from New Orleans to Bonneville with the team,
creating a feature on the attempt for the second issue of 0-60
. It told the story of a group of guys armed with little more
than enthusiasm as they confronted their own demons under the searing
Utah sun.

Salt Dreams
will air at 8pm April 2 at One Eyed Jacks, located at 615 Toulouse St. in the French Quarter.

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  • fred_burnett

    Confederate Tall Bikes, FTW!

  • jshack

    I wonder of General Tall-Bike, Esq. there was as slow on that was he was in the car. I think I read he only did 78 or so, and they called him the grocery getter. Anybody know if he’s going back this year? And maybe with a better driver?

  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    nope, we’r not goin back this year… not unless we can get the money together by then. And that 78mph was only one of the drivers, we did alot better than that! but you just will not know until you come to New Orleans and see our documentary…or buy a copy!

  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    oh and by the way, we also set the tall bike land speed record while we were there!

  • Grant Ray

    For the record, Andy Overslaugh was the official driver, and he got it to 168 mph or so before he spun it.

  • Hell For Fatties

    Tattooed Boyscout? That sounds like a nouveau punk-ska-metal band that plays covers of Reel Big Fish doing covers of 80′s songs like A-Ha’s Take on Me

  • mutt

    Actually we are going back this year. Some details have been ironed out with the race car, and were also bringing a supercharged 1941 harley davidson to race.

  • Mutt

    oh and im not a founding member of Black Label, just a long time one.