Kaneda's bike from Akira for sale

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akirabike.jpgYes, that’s right. While we were all daydreaming about how awesome we would be if we had a ride like Kaneda from the anime cult-classic Akira, the Japanese started an entire subculture of custom builders. We’re not talking about full-scale models — that would be utter lameness. These folks are building and selling legitimate, licensed machines. Suddenly, we don’t feel so cool anymore. We don’t speak Japanese, but we’re betting these replicas feature somewhat less than two ceramic rotor drives on each wheel.

  • koby

    how much is it. and if you have already sold how much did you sell?

  • ZeTron

    they were being sold in 2006 as a kit. just the bike frame and motor. not the red shell. they were going for $21k (US) which is a ton, just for a frame and no body

  • alex

    so is there site where you can purchase this items?

  • Andre'

    I too would like to know where the site is that we can purchase this kit.

  • James

    I was wondering if anyone heard any more recent information on if you can buy this motorcycle. I think its a sweet bike and would love to own one.

  • http://deathandlifespace.ning.com/akira Akia Orsby

    Kaneda hi. My Name is Akira Orsby the bike you made is a cool bike plus the speed is what I need to go faster. Also how can I get this bike so I can Ride with the Family.

    Email me at:

  • diegon

    how and where do i get one in the us

  • Jose
  • BB

    Looks like a real bike. Saw an ad for another one built by some quack named Eddie Paul. That thing didn’t even run.

    • eddie Paul

      Lets see you build one hot shot. BTW it did run but
      Eddie Paul

      • Bike Builder

        I’ll build circles around you. And no it didnt. Liar.

  • Akira

    How may i get this bike and were to by it from?

  • GTR

    Who cares!!! Its a 10 year old jap cartoon. What kinda idiot wants to own or buy this stupid bike?

    • anon

      dude actually the movie is 20 years old, but the concept of the bike itself is awesome if it went as fast or was as durable as concept it’d be awesome I’d go to WCC for mine if I had the money.

  • Jam

    this thought of actually owning one of these things makes me shed a tear…

  • fenderguy

    That Akira bike built by EDDIE PAUL is a piece of garbage. Just like everything else that meathead builds.