McGregor becomes face of Adventure, the fragrance

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Ewan-mcgregor.jpgDavidoff has chosen Ewan McGregor to be the face of its new fragrance, Adventure. The ad, which follows the jump, evokes the challenge, risk and chance that go hand in hand with exploring the world on two wheels. This seems like an odd choice to us. McGregor’s supposed “adventures” in The Long Way Around and The Long Way Down were devoid of those characteristics that make motorcycle adventure unique. Sponsored by BMW and equipped with as much free equipment as his support crew and their fleet of trucks could carry, Ewan’s trip left nothing to chance, carried no risk and presented no challenges. Adventure, the undeserved reputation.

  • FatBiker883

    I actually liked the Long Way Round. It got a lot of non-bike people to see a kind of motorcycle that’s really cool.

  • jshack

    Awesome! I guess he was forced to use that wrinkly map in the dark under his headlamp because his handheld gps did too poorly for the screen tests. Is that shot in the Andes?

  • Max

    he’s totally riding a Bonneville Black! that so makes me want to ride my Triumph down dirt roads wearing my new cologne

  • Hell For Fatties

    This looks like the movie poster for his new movie: The Full Monty 2: The Waxing

  • :)

    i love ewan mcgregor!!!!!!!