Rizla Suzuki unveils 2008 GSV-R MotoGP contender

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Rizla-Suzuki-XRG1-MotoGP.jpgEvolution, rather than revolution, this year from Rizla Suzuki. The 2008 GSV-R is a development of last year’s bike. For this one, the team’s engineers are claiming increased acceleration with reduced fuel consumption. Suzuki is hoping the changes could make them MotoGP title contenders (the company placed fourth last year).

Suzuki claims the usual weight, power and performance figures for the 800cc V4 XRG1, but we won’t really know its performance until Chris Vermeulen and Loris Capirossi ride it in the Qatar Grand Prix on March 9.

Rizla Suzuki

  • Budana

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  • rolando zara

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  • warren

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