XR650-based flat tracker combines classic style with supermoto performance

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XR650-Flattrack.jpgThis Honda XR650–based flat tracker is seriously impressive. Combining the looks of a ’60s flat tracker or dirt bike with the performance and reliability of modern brakes and a single-cylinder engine, it’s exactly the kind of bike Honda should be offering straight from the factory.

4Strokes.com via The Kneeslider

  • fred_burnett

    What forks are those?

  • wisnu

    hai!! that awesome!! i like oldskull moto u know!! coz that can be incresing my pride here!!! coz it really uniquely stuff!!!

  • danang damarsurya

    nice job bro… that’s my fav style…

  • Mark

    Thats the bike I built a few yrs ago 75% completed.
    Sold it about 98% complete.
    Where is it now?

  • Mo Denaro

    That was 8 yrs ago. Here is my latest project. 3/4 complete. Super fun around town.
    No idea where this link site came from. Cool to see one of my old bikes on it though.
    Get a few emails on it now and then.