2009 Ducati Supermono 549R (well, maybe)

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2009-Ducati-Supermono-549.jpgBy using half a 1098R engine and most of the new 696 Monster’s frame and brakes, this reimagining of the Supermono could be offered at an affordable price. Dutch motorcycle blog Oliepeil, which commissioned this illustration, envisions it coming in under 120kg and making up to 100bhp in race trim. It might seem scarcely believable that Ducati would be prepared to expand its current model range to this degree, but with 10 new models arriving by 2010 and several other single-cylinder sportsbikes on the horizon, we wouldn’t rule it out.

  • Fredrik

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  • drew peacok

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  • Jelinski Ducati Berlin

    Super Bike !!! Das braucht die Ducati-Welt, und nicht die hundertste 2-Zylindervariante. Wann begreifen die das endlich im Ducatimanagment?
    Gruss Bernhard

  • roger

    ho visto girare in pista la sua antenata il batacchio ,che spettacolo.

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  • Lee

    Baru ya!!!!!! Hantap lawa nya. Tepakai banar ku mutu ani.

  • Ian J.

    Hope it’ll come at a decent price. When they released 848 they were going like hotcakes for a long time and hope Ducati will keep it’s sound! 120kg is ideal for wheeling it in to your lounge room after a nice ride:)

  • L.C.

    The engine oculd probably be enlarged to at least 600cc and mabe 650cc using heads/cases from ducati’s 1200cc superbike motor. 100hp in a machine like that might make it one of the best and most accessible performance platforms for sport minded riders.

  • RaWR

    KTM’s new 690 Duke R (pretty much a 700cc) makes 71bhp as fullyroad legal, a sorted old Ducati Supermono make 70bhp and VERY trick 800cc supermono race bikes making 82bhp.
    Sounds optomistic…wouldn’t say no though!!