Build your own: Lockheed Lounge

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lockheed.jpgTucked into the back of Roland Sands’ warehouse, leaning behind a pile of parts, is Jason Tiedeken’s Lockheed Lounge. It isn’t finished yet, but what is is seriously impressive, or weird, or both.

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Build your own: Lockheed Lounge

  • Brent

    Apologies in advance, I have no trainnig in suspension design and I must be missing something here, but, isn’t the rear shock welded top and bottom to the same piece of rigid pipe?
    from the wheel, the bottom of the shock is attached to the top pipe. the top of the shock is welded to the bottom pipe (via the upright)? doesn’t look like it’d work?

  • http://none j collins

    dude that bike is sick. please post more pics when the bike is completed. and i’d really like to see more pics of the turbo if its not too much of a bother. and i was wondering if the engine is the highly popular v-tec(maybe only in 400cc model not sure). man that is going to be mistaken for a pocket bike everywhere you go, straight sleeper. i like the fact that its soooo low to the ground. and it looks like its designed for you to laydown on the bike. kinda reminds me of the world’s fastest indian but retroed out. A+++++ for creativity.

  • zee

    Jason that is one awesome bike you’ve built there..will you ever post build photos? especially of the front end? please!! :)

    also if it help..Brent, the rear is an old style monoshock design..see for details

    j collins…its a cb250 motor..single cylinder not a v-tec but yeah it is one mad looking retro!