Suzuki B-King Vs. Beverly Hills

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suzuki_b-king_review.jpgFeaturing a 181bhp 1340cc Hayabusa engine, the Suzuki B-King is the fastest, most powerful naked bike ever made. It’s also probably the most controversial, featuring an unfortunate adaptation of its concept forebearer’s look while lacking that bike’s supercharger. Believe it or not, that power was the last thing on our minds when we rode it through Beverly Hills.

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Suzuki B-King Vs. Beverly Hills

  • Max

    only took you 8 miles to drop it?

  • Grant Ray

    we didn’t start from zero in the middle of I-495. we just thought the fall was an appropriate place to end the route.

  • Brian

    I’m befuddled by this person’s review? Blaming the bike when you drop it! Please… And the comment that this bike isn’t a “handler”. 30 plus years on motorcycles and I would judge the B-king one of the best mannered motorcycles I’ve ever ridden and in addition the fastest not with standing the Busa.