ATK Intimidator 700 proves two-strokes aren't dead yet

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Apparently no one’s told Utah-based ATK Motorcycles that two-strokes are dead. Their 700 Intimidator features a 78bhp, 700cc two-stroke engine in a top-drawer motocross chassis. The whole thing weighs just 238lbs dry. That’s about the same as a current 450cc four-stroke motocross bike but with nearly twice the power.
Fearless fans of kick-in-the-ass power bands need to act quickly: ATK plans to produce the 2009 run of the Intimidator in limited numbers late this summer, using parts from tiny German company Maico. We’ll take ours as a Roland Sands Design Super Single please.


  • jeff flick

    the atk 700 is sweet! i would however like to know what the 2009 price will be?i’d also like to comment that maicos are still being built in very limited numbers in germany & the only things different on the maico 685enduro is it has lights/blinkers,a bing carb,different handlebars,no steering damper & no talon hubs! i really would like to see the atk 700 in a dirt bike magazine test soon!just from what i’ve read about it so far on the net it’s definitely one of my top 3 or 4 all time favorite dirtbikes!

  • dustin

    that thing must be insane i bet you cant keep the front end down.

  • lewis

    madness.. bet u wheelie through every gear.

  • Travis Sutherland

    hello i wanna no how i can get my hands on one of these bad boy 700s

  • http://hi sake

    i love the machine it´´s posible to get that bike for free some how it would be best cristmaz present from santa claus ,)

  • scottlyn9

    sick sick sick! im about 125lb! oh how fun would it be to start this guy! then rip down the road doing nothing but getting raped!

  • http://700xxmaniac marcos

    put that engine in a quad and the would would be perfect. trx700r any one!!!!