Details: 2008 Honda DN-01 front fairing

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dn-01details.jpgWhere all cruisers before it attempted to evoke mechanical function with over-the-top campness, the DN-01 eschews traditional chrome work, instead finding inspiration in the natural world. The organic form of its front fairing more closely resembles a plant or an animal than it does some out-dated idea of what a “real” motorcycle looks like. It’s about time we saw some innovation in this market. Let’s just hope cruiser riders can catch up to its radical styling.

  • Max

    The DN-01 is a pretty bad ass looking bike, and having an automatic transmission (while being manly enough for those who are insecure with their sexuality) will bring alot more ppl to two wheels. But it’s only a 680cc!

  • BoomBoom

    I hope they bring this bike to the USA. There are many baby boomers who get tired of the shifting, me included. I am 61 years old and with arthritis everywhere. I wish they’d make the gold wing an automatic. I am looking for a bike to run around town and to work due to gas prices. I really prefer a trike kit on a bike. As far as the macho stuff, I ride with women who drive 502 Boss Hoss motorcycles. We have a 350 BH trike ourselves. American men should chill out. Rode with a Harley man the other day driving a 500cc automatic scooter. BoomBoom

  • Grant Ray

    We live in a country where Harley won’t sell its new flagship performance model even though the company manufactures it here. Hate to say it, BoomBoom, but uh, don’t hold your breathe. We Americans are seemingly considered a stupid lot. No sweet DN-01 action for us.

  • BoomBoom

    I don’t think I know what the flagship performance model that Harley has. Is it an automatic? Usually don’t look into Harley as they never have what I am looking for. The UK has the new DN-01 and I emailed this dealership there and asked if they shipped, they said no. What I can figure in converting from pounds to dollars the 01 is about 17,000.00. It’s too bad that we are the greatest country and still can’t buy what we want. BoomBoom



  • Mark Bugyi

    I want this bike here in the USA.
    I for one am bored with the cruisers.
    They all look alike.
    I ride a Honda Pacific Coast and I see similarities.
    I’d buy a DN-01.

  • Nita

    I just called Honda Motorsports North America in Torrence, Calif. The customer analyst who took the call said (hint hint) that the “trade secrets” and “release date” are often confidential since it’s all about marketing. He hinted that “Honda usually announces their new models in September”. I asked when that info is distributed to dealers after being announced and he said “immediate”. I called them (you should too) and told them my demographic and I want a DN 01 now. BTW I’m a 45 y/o female boomer w/ extra income and can’t wait…

  • Dr. B

    The DN-01 is a real inovation. IT is a beauty, a real head turner. AND you do not need a clutch.
    It sits very well and has an excellent feel to its geometry.

    So why did HONDA put an ugly rear foot break on this beautiful machine with so much inovation on it. They will regret this BIG Screw up.

    I was looking for a left hand break lever. Two hand break levers are much more nimble and modern.
    Did they think just because it had floor boards they needed an old fashioned foot break like on a cruiser or the old Honda scooters.

    That was so much a turn off for me I will buy the honda 600c scooter with plenty of storage under the seat. It and the Suzuki Bergman are truly touring scooters and are very nimble in traffic as well. They are plenty fast and smooth riding.

    Second big problem with the HONDA DN 01 is its coast. It is way over priced by $3,000.00 +. This machine should not sell for over $11,999.00

    I might even pay $250.00 more for a left hand rear break lever.

    Dr. B

  • George James Perkins

    Dear Sirs
    I would love one of these bikes


    Mr G J Perkins