Standard Issue: City Streets

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citystreets.jpgAny given environment presents the motorcyclist with its own unique challenges. Whether that be the intense cold brought on by three-digit wind chill or the extreme risk that comes with exploiting the sharp end of a fast bike’s performance, the rider confronting them needs to wear the right equipment to facilitate comfort, control and safety.

That remains true in the city, where risk remains high despite slow speeds, and protection must be married to the need for off-bike practicality and looks. Choose the right gear and it’s possible to get where you’re going safely and look good on the way.

Here’s what works for us:
Issue: City Streets

  • Phil

    Like the utility and looks of your kit, Grant. Any room for personal preference or all ride commando?

  • Grant Ray

    Uh, let’s just leave that one to personal preference.

  • Vanessa Schneider

    lol amazing

  • Vanessa Schneider

    P.S. Will we be seeing some choice girl gear in the future?

  • Grant Ray

    Not if we have to use the models you suggested. (ew). But yes, women’s gear will be getting just as much attention as men’s gear.

    • Van Doan

      Hard to believe its been four years. How about more of this? With tattoo models.

  • urbanrider

    The Triumph jacket is a winner, but personally I’d go for the following:

    AGV Titech Gloss Black, great price for a top of the range lid and italian styling.

    Belstaff Olivers Mount Jacket Vintage leather but proper protection.

    E-Squad Classic JeanStyling as cool as the Levi’s but more protective than leather.

    Puma Flat2 ankle boot in brownLooks great with jeans, cool brand and goretex lined.

    Johnson Motors Johnny Allen Triumph TCool as hell!

    Belstaff Classic Leather GloveCheap for Belstaff and more than does the job!

  • Grant Ray

    Belstaff makes great stuff. I’d love it if they opened a boutique here New York. I’m surprised they haven’t haven’t already. Do they come with armour inserts? I don’t remember.

  • urbanrider

    The new collection comes with shoulder, elbow and back CE approced armour which you can take in and out.

  • Grant Ray

    That’s fantastic. I love the way Belstaff doesn’t compromise style or safety and still puts out gear thats top-notch in both areas.