Triumph launches Steve McQueen T-shirts with first fashion show

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triumph_fashion_show.jpgPhoto: motografik

Triumph held its first ever fashion show in New Orleans last night, in conjunction with the Transportation Revolution, the company’s dealership there. The show launched the new line of Steve McQueen–inspired T-shirts, and also featured the company’s latest lines of riding gear, casual wear and motorcycles.

While we admire Triumph’s attempt to pursue marketing outside its traditional mediums, we can’t help but wonder what would be possible if they put more emphasis into the effort. By the looks of it, influence, contributors and expertise drawn from outside the bike world could have brought the event greater credibility and impact. This limited scope doesn’t just affect Triumph, but the industry as a whole, with companies acknowledging the need to appeal to a wider audience but not demonstrating the will or commitment necessary to do so.

Transportation Revolution

  • Max

    Well the show was GREAT! and it was an amazing first step in the right direction.
    This was the first attempt and you can bet it will only get better. Any personal suggestions on reaching that wider audience?

  • Wes Siler

    I bet it was fun and I wish I could have been there.

    I’d like to see Triumph work with clothing designers to develop an entirely new type of riding gear that combines looks and function in a different way, rather than just shamelessly and repetitively copying a past style without understanding what made that style unique.

    Steve McQueen is recognized as an icon because he wasn’t afraid to pursue fashion simultaneously with his passion for motorcycles. Triumph needs to recognize that and pursue their own contemporary means of doing so rather than just copy a look he defined 40 years ago.