Tucson BT550 Superleggera: the 100kg Aprilia 550cc v-twin–based sportsbike

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tucson_bt550_superleggera.jpgFrench customizer Tucson, maker of the Véloce 650, has set itself an ambitious goal: to make a sportsbike weighing less than 100kg in less than six months. As a starting point, Tucson has chosen to use Aprilia’s 550cc v-twin, as seen in the RXV 5.5 enduro and SXV 5.5 supermoto.
>tucson_bt550_superleggera_2.jpgThe engine should prove an excellent starting point. Weighing just 34kg
dry and capable of making up to 66bhp, it’s a potent, lightweight,
characterful power plant, one that many have been dying to see in a
production sportsbike. In fact, should you want to build one yourself,
Aprilia would be happy to sell you an engine for about $3,500.

In keeping with the times, Tucson will be chronicling the project on a
blog. So far, the company has announced its intention to use
Bridgestone 125GP tires and appropriately sized wheels. It hopes these
ultra light and sticky hoops will give it the ability to outpace bikes
twice the power and weight.

Rumor has it that if the BT550 Superleggera should prove a success, a
small production run could follow, possibly with Aprilia’s backing.
Here’s hoping it does.


  • Bill George

    May i wish you good luck with this project,This is the sort of machine (Or a development of) which i should love to see racing in the new Moto GP 2 class in 2011. The 450/550 v twin Aprilia seems to be a beautiful little motor.