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yamjapan.jpgWe love Yamaha’s Japanese website more than anything else in the world right now. The Scale Check feature, head and shoulders above anything we’ve ever seen before, allows you to compare bike models and adjust the scale of the rider to match you. Click on a model to the right of the grid and a second bike pops up with an opacity slider. Both the bikes and figure can be moved to overlap so you can compare sizes, design themes or engineering variations of each machine, all while imagining your little graphic self leaning next to it. After you’ve spent hours playing, you can explore other links, even if you have no idea where you’re going.

Yamaha Virtual Simulation

  • Mahmood Al Qassab

    I have a Yamaha Virago XV400 (Chases No.2NT-02-2501), and I was looking for parts for 1year without any luck. So please can you help me with the following part??

    1. Fuel tank (under the seat)
    2. Rectifire
    3. Fuel Pump
    4. Fuel Filter
    5. gear cover gasket
    6. Breaks (front and back)
    7. Break disks (front and back)
    8. Carbirator (or full overall kit)

    and in future I will be needing body parts for cusomizing.

    Thank you,

  • josef farrugia

    I own a Yamaha ttr 250 Open Enduro 1995 model and I need to replace the headlamp bulb. Mine its a 12v 35/35w halogen bulb. Can you help please?

  • Aries C

    I own a Yamaha Virago 2NT.
    i need following;
    side cover ( chrome )
    rider seat
    handle grips

    can you ship to Phils?