APC Airbag helmets to go on sale

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apchelmet.jpgAPC announced it will be putting its new airbag helmet system on the market May 13. Utilizing gyrocopes and accelerometers similar to the Dainese project for racers, the airbag is activated via a remote switchboard placed under the seat that interprets changes in movement. The total time between detection and full inflation is slightly less than 1½ seconds.>Airbag-helmet.jpgAttempting to provide support similar to a neck brace, the cushion wraps around the neck and extends down the back to the seventh vertebra. The unit looks to sell for around €829, which is around the same as a standard helmet and neck brace.

While we’re always glad to see companies working on innovative technology to improve safety, we’d like to know more concerning how the design affects rider fatigue because of the rear-biased weight and altered aerodynamics, as well as the structural integrity of the helmet during a collision.

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  • Peter Nermerich

    This nice idea is not from Dr. Millet. In the year 1999 you can find a reports in a lot of newspapers in Germany. If you type in google ( Peter Nermerich airbag ) you will find a side to the Newspaper AFTONBLADET. Klick that link and you will see…the same idea. Or pls watch the patent DE 19604822 A1. It woud be nice to get a answer of you of my email.
    Please help me, cause it is not a nice feeling to see..that a other person get the price for a idea that is not him.

    Peter Nermerich


    Mr Nemerich,

    We are never been aware of your patent concerning your helmet with airbag as far as :
    -our patent has been accepted by the patent office which means that our patent cannot be a copy of yours.
    -to my knowledge, not a single prototype of your helmet has been seen, manufactured or sold meanwhile we have sold thousands units of ours helemts worldwide and won numeros safety awards.

    Did you make the patent renewal near the patent office paying the legal fee from the year 1999 for an idea that apparently nobody has bought yet ???

    Thanks a lot to clear up those different point and do not forget that for any legal claim you shoud contact the patent office and not write down unfair accusations in website as you have already down because this may oblige us to make a legal claim with the corresponding expenses that you could have to assume ?

    Kind regards

    Michel Guerin

    Export Manager