Aqua Star underwater scooter video emerges

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aqua_scooter.jpgPromising to deliver easy access to reefs and other popular underwater destinations for inexperienced holiday makers, the Aqua Star combines scooter-like ease of use with underwater ability. It’s just a shame we can’t figure out who makes it. We first showed you the Aqua Star a couple months back, but now video has emerged of what looks like a school of production versions in action. The video follows the jump.

via Thunderbolt971

  • Andrew JS Sneath

    The video was filmed in Miami Florida when we first tested the BOB’s Boat in 1996.
    We are now based in West Palm Beach building BOB for the tourist industry.
    BOB 10 is our latest model based on over 18 year development and use in rental operations world wide.
    The manufacturing company is called We are offering demo BOB rides in Ft Lauderdale.
    BOB 10 retails at $12,000 with full rental packages available including training.
    Please check out the web site and make your booking. Or call 561 797 7054