Art Center College of Design shows Yamaha-branded wearable motorcycle concept

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AC_Deus1.jpgChallenged to rethink motorcycle transportation, Art Center College of Design student Jake Loniak decided the idea of a machine as an extension of the body should be taken literally. Inspired by Biomechatronics and called the Deus Ex Machina (not to be confused with that other Deus Ex Machina from Australia), Loniak’s concept is an electric, vertically parking motorcycle controlled by 36 pneumatic muscles with 2 linear actuators.>AC_Deus2.jpgThe Yamaha-branded Deus Ex concept is worn as an exo-skeleton with seven artificial vertebra as well as the pneumatically attached helmet. The motor is in-wheel, powered by ultra-capacitors and doped nano-phoshpate batteries similar to those already used in hybrids. It’s also capable of 0–60mph in three seconds. Top speed is 75mph with a recharge time of 15 minutes and cycle time of one hour.

AC_Deus3.jpgAs an exercise in urban transportation, we love the engagement a machine like the Deus would require. That said, the lack of storage or securement for a briefcase, purse or satchel means that even the average urban commute is beyond the Deus Ex Machina’s current capabilities.


    This pice of crap is nothing but a Kinetica ””’knock off”” it wouldn’t be so bad if the back wheel didn’t look so… so… well crapy, it just look’s funny maby if it had two in back like in front. But the back wheel still look’s like a sagway,,,, well however you spell “sagway”, but the D.E.M. is the first kinetic transport to be a marketable bike to be made, but i know it is not the first one to be made. All in all the bike looks good and I would like to own one myself, that is whenever a 4 wheeled one or 2 wheeled one is made, just play the ps2 game “KINETICA” and you’ll see, but before we can race like that we need to get beter prostatic’s and the first fuell prostatic body is made available, hell i’d be glad to be the first one to get a full prostatic body. Than we can finally kill this carpy raceing called nascar “Oh my god there making a left turn, Oh my god it’s a nother left turn” is there a crapper sport Ha Ha HAAAAAAA. Back to the D.E.M. it’s ok but steal a “KINAETICA NOCKOFF” all in all I give it a 4 out of 10 which is not to say that’s bad I just have a harsh scale but I hope it’s the first of meany bike’s to come and kill that crapy racecar sport if you can call it a sport.

    P.S. This go’s out to the maker’s of the D.E.M. Im not that good of a drafter but I have a few,,,, well all my walls are filled with drafts based on KINETICA’S design’s plus I’ve bin raceing since I was 10 on dirt bike’s, atv, but you’r D.E.M. Oh my god I would still do any thing to race your bike’s you are all god’s. Please right me back Thank You.

  • Johnny L.

    The only problem that I see is that I am 56 years old and my life will probably be over before I get the honor of even sitting in one, rather than just driving one!
    I guess the “Jetson’s” will finally be here ….lol
    Keep up the fantastic work of the future generations!

  • The Professor

    I could barely get through the comment from “Geist”, posted 5/10. What’s his first name,? Polter”? Instead of longing for an alternate means of transportation, he should go to school to learn spelling, grammer and English composition, before futher examples of his ignorance are posted.

  • Kaybee

    OMG! Geist! Did you flunk English 101 or WHAT?!?!!?


    Hey Professor(or are you really Gilligan)….its spelled grammar you putz….

  • Geist

    Well F*#K you all about my speling, what I said is still true. The D.E.M. is a KINETICA nockoff. This pice of crap would be good if the developers could have made it look better. I would still be proud to race in the D.E.M. or / D.E.M.O. HAHAHA, but no one seems to like the idea of at least 1 purson to DIEING a race and bringing back the good old day’s of BLOOD and GORE that we were so acustom to back in the colisum that is what these BIKE’s should be used for. If you don’t like this or my spelling WELL F*#K YOU ALL

    Pleas don’t for get to leave a comment.

  • Geist

    P.S. My Nane is GEIST

  • Anon

    This bike looks nothing like Kinetica since the racers in Kinetica are horizontal and just inches from the road with the wheels of the bikes attached to the racer’s arms and legs.

    the DEM is a sleek design, but it doesn’t look like there are any headlights. Since there’s nothing protecting the entire front of your body (except your face), visibility of the road ahead is of incredible importance.

  • StealthNinja

    Yeah, this wearable motorcycle is bad ass! I can’t wait until they add alternate fuel systems or a combination of chemical propulsion systems with an electromagnetic propulsion system, so that it can ride on the ground with more than 1000 horse power easily, plus add a rocket jet pack with, and morphing materials with the frame; so it’s like wings when flying down the strip!



  • gyo

    It isn’t the spelling that is the problem, it is the fact that you are an idiot.
    The Deus Ex Machina is pretty cool and beautiful. I want one.

  • g-man

    OMG.. Geist!?!?.. this cat is a weetard!! Cant spell, shows his ass on the internet as most keyboard comandos do.. Too funny!! Geist, grow up! Sounds to me like someone is jealous!!! poor baby.

  • Herr Bizaro

    Even though I agree with everyone that Geist is a complete lunatic (for naming himself after the German word for spirit and a Canadian magazine), we’re missing the point of this article. This is incredible technology that can change the lives of at least thousands. the only problems I have are the lack of armor, no space for two (could make a special design for that which would be awesome) and the worst part is the lack of battery life. it would only be good for in-city travel. it also isn’t street legal. if they fix those little things, this would be the best thing since the fist automobile

  • Zip

    It’s a very interesting concept vehicle. The small size would allow parking in confined areas. Luggage capacity could easily be added. 0-60 in three seconds! Where can I test one?

  • Nick

    to what’s his face who did the first comment maybe it looks like something from a game, but news flash dude it’s real life. I think it’s awesome they made this it looks cool when it gets down into driving position. The article in popular science magazine has better pics. But learn to spell before you criticize someones design that is going to college

  • Geist

    Ok, Yes my spelling is bad so can you ALL DROP IT. The only thing i have wanted to do is race… But there is only one type of raceing that I have wanted was to is the same raceing in Kinetica at least you’all see some one die or at least F#(K UP, in nascar thay all suck. There all doing what 10 miles in a circle HAHAHA yea yea I know there doing 500MPH but so what it’s in a circle it’s some one doing a big donut at least in Kinetica you do a fare amount of speed and turn sharp corners and you can put in some jumps. The D.E.M. is a Kinetica knock off there where thousands of bike’s that where pland out for the game and so what if the game’s designer’s gave me one and ask’ed me to get in and drive I would no questions asked becous i know it was pland out to the last detail, and the D.E.M. is knock off of Seiba and Cyan me I like the 2 wheeled or a 4 wheeled bike would be better

    Oh and my name is really GEIST my Grandfather gave it to me it was his name to.

  • fantompro

    what kind of shit is that motorcycle….

  • noob

    im gay lol

  • Matt Linder

    Nice Try, But EPIC Phail. Whoever came up with this didn’t relize, shit like birds, get in ya way… where’s the fuckin’ windshield. I wouldn’t take a bird beak to da balls to drive this.

  • Ty L eR


  • reaaaaaaaaaality

    whomever this geist guy is he is an idiot cant spell and has no perception for reality for 1 this is amazing that anyone could actually design something with such complexity and how would you need a prostetic body for 1 you strap into it second of all it reads the riders muscles to move and you wrote that your nane is geist its name NAME you fucking dumb cunt the differance between the game and the D.E.M is you can really ride it p.s. all you haters can suck my big black cock

  • jojo m.

    the deux ex machina is so cool, imagine one strap in you or you strap in one… now you can show off !
    what a way to go anywhere in style. i like one




    Couldn´t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bruce

    First, read the interview with Jake Loniak at Much of whats been said is covered so stop speculating and get more info before commenting.
    The concept is just that…a concept, and requires further refinement. Due to the time he had, most of the design work went into what it looks like rather than control interface and road law compliance, but it looks like the idea will never gain traction. If Jake could produce plans or source parts I think the idea could still take off as a homebuilt kit but
    I would like better rear vision and some sort of chest protection. Other than that the idea is great and I would love to own one…or 2. Some sort of storage, perhaps like a back(bike)pack and an ability to fit a second person behind (similar to a piggyback ride) the driver would also be useful.

  • Kelli Ratulowski

    Very interesting read. Thanks.

  • Mario Tredinnick

    Wow! Even if it’s not perfect, I’m excited abut this. Thanks and congrats!

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  • jake prior

    That deux ex machina is awesome!

  • australia electronics

    A mutual associate emailed me the link to your site. Glad I took his advice! I like how you really dig in and get to the point but can you go over that last part again? Just a bit? –Rachel