Belstaff, Ewan McGregor design limited edition Triumph Bonnevilles

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Belstaff_Triumph_Bonneville_tank.jpgTo mark the Bonneville’s 50th anniversary, Triumph commissioned Belstaff and Ewan McGregor to design special edition bikes. By far the better looking of the two, Belstaff’s design exudes classic cool with a John Player Special-esque black and gold color scheme. Ewan’s copper-plated tank is pretty tacky, but we do like the ‘70s-style font. Unsurprisingly, it’s the Belstaff model that will reach production, going on sale in limited numbers later this year.
>McGregor_triumph Bonneville.jpgCompared to the Paul Smith Bonnevilles from 2005, we can’t help but
feel a bit underwhelmed by these two bikes. For its 50th birthday, the
Bonneville deserves (and desperately needs) a complete refresh, one
that captures the performance, character and appeal of the original
model, or at least has performance, character and appeal of some kind.

Belstaff_triumph_boneville.jpgvia Motoblog

  • urbanrider

    I agree, compared to the Paul Smith editions neither of the designs tell you much about the history of Bonnevilles or the respective designers.

    Whilst the whole ‘matt black’ look is undeniably cool, isn’t the first thing any of us would think of if asked? It reminds of the paint job on a old Vincent.

    I guess they asked Ewan MacGregor to do a design due to his connections with Belstaff. I’d have preferred to see another British design icon asked to contribute in a similar vein to Paul Smith.

  • Grant Ray

    Would having a Scot design an anniversary edition of an English icon be the same as having a Canadian design an anniversary Harley?

  • urbanrider

    He he, no not really. Us Brits are mostly a mixture of all the Isles… For instance I have a Scottish surname but I’ve never set foot in the country!

    It do find it a bit upsetting that so many of the British brands have been bought by foreigners and re-launched. The UK seems to be a melting pot for design, but not many indigenous designers.

    One notable exception is BSA Clothing. A British fashion company, Macandi bought the clothing rights and have done a great range of fashion wear. See

    On the protective side of things, Armadillo Scooterwear are part of the British revival. Now riding bikes and scooters is more mainstream in London, since the advent of the Congestion Charge, I think there will be a trend of more British design for the 2 wheel sector.

    We have always been a couple of years behind Italy and Spain. We can make great bikes, why not great kit??

  • Otto Uberswengen

    Very nice indeed, especially the black and gold. Perhaps there ought to be other colours(such as green&gold, crimsom & gold) as well so I could buy more than one! Not sure if ANY will come to Australia or if the edition is “all spoken for”/or so Limited which will make it a non-event for most. I do think the Belstaff version would be better with the Thruxton tail-pipes.
    Bonnevilles forever!

  • Otto Uberswengen

    Triumph policy makers take note:
    Upon reflection…2009 Models are delightful, especially the “Belstaff” concept, which SHOULD be a regular in your product line-up much like the “Thruxton”. Infact, I would actually buy a Thruxton and customise it along the lines of the “Belstaff” as the Black & Gold plus single seat gives it a unique attraction. Not sure about the pink hair-dresser’s model however.
    Despite being a Bonneville Devotee since 1975(T140), I shall not be buying here and will look elsewhere(Moto Guzzi) because there is NO EXCUSE for making the centre-stand and Tacho an “Extra”…which is not included in the finished products across the entire range.
    Quite insulting actually and is laughable if not so serious…
    Sadly the British Tradition of NEVER making a “Finished” product lives on!
    Cute is good but a Finished Product is what really clinches the deal.
    So, for me, no centre-stand, no Tacho, no Deal!
    Let me know when you have decided to improve at least to a level which opposition is providing. Just
    harping on about 50 years, Steve MacQueen, Marlon Brando and the latest movie stars
    actually do nothing for the product themselves.
    Classically underwhelmed…
    I would say sack the bean-counter
    and put the money into what you get on the bikes.

    • Chris Poston

      Totally agree !!! – sure it’s nice to be given a choice to customise your bike but just about everything that should be standard on a bike is an ‘ extra ‘ – WHY ???? – C. Poston.

  • Nigel

    Agree with the comments about been underwhelmed. Whilst the Bonnevilles are improving, the should be 10kg lighter, have 10 bhp more at least. By all means replicate the look but use modern technology to greater effect. The best triumph I have owned is the Thunderbird Sport. I sold it in the UK before emigrating to NZ, not realising that Triumph would stop making the classic Thunderbird, why? The T’Bird Sport was one cool bike that looked great and went well with 82bhp.