Vespa launches GTS 300 Super

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Vespa_GTS_300_super.jpgThe biggest model in Vespa’s GTS range, the new 300 Super is actually 278cc and makes only slightly more power than the GTS 250 (less than 1bhp more, torque is up 2lb/ft). Nevertheless, we like the discreet styling differences like the vents in the engine cover that are mirrored on the chrome exhaust. Vespa intends for the 300 Super to evoke classic performance models like the 90SS. While we don’t think it’s very successful at doing so, we are fans of its performance, packing maxiscooter speed into a miniscooter package. Another image follows the jump.
>Vespa_GTS_300_super_2.jpgVespa via Motoblog

  • bill hopkins

    how much is it !!and when will it show up in the us… it look’s great and with a big bore kit and a few other thing’s It will be a real ass kicker..

    • Jody

      I’ve had my 300 for about 4 months, I traded in my 250. The 300 is a dream, it is noticible quicker than the 250 and handles great.

  • Jason Jamison

    I just bought A Vespa Super on 09/09/2008. I paid $5999.00. The USA Vespas are mislabeled, I actually bought one labeled 300 Super but it has only the 250 engine in it. Vespa sent new labels but i would rather leave it the same as shipped. I think about only 100-150 shipped to the usa were mislabeled.
    But it is still awesome. My wife has a 2007 Vespa GT 200L and we love them both. My Super is the white, i did want a black but the white is bad bones.

    • Mike McHale

      do you notice a big performance difference between the 2 scooter (GTS & GT)… do you find the GTS with fuel injection more reliable?

  • Ralph

    When will the Vespa 300 super be available in the U.S.?? And what will be the price tag?


  • Garry

    when will the 300 be in Canada,and will it have the analogue dash as in the gtv 200

  • ali el.louly

    vespa gts 300 super

  • Tyson

    I just bought one today, in black. It was just under $7600 out the door, although I’m waiting on delivery. It doesn’t seem much for one extra HP, and a little more torque, but I have my wife on the back and it’ll help navigate hilly LA. In my opinion, even a slight performance boost will be helpful. The 300 has a throatier purr, nearly a growl, and has a little more punch than the 250.

    I look forward to delivery day!

  • games

    I’d actually twitter this topic yesterday All though you posted it. Ill mention your blog.

  • jong tan

    just got my dragon red super….nothing compares to this scoot when it comes to acceleration power….just nipped a 600cc honda cbr from one stoplight to another….calling on 1000cc super bikes pls :)

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