Vespa S Squareheads invade Canada

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vespa-squareheads.jpgVespa’s Canadian agency, Dentsu Canada, has gone guerrilla with its Vespa S “Born to be Square” campaign. Throughout Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver, 324 of the towering monochrome wheatpastes have been plastered, populating storefronts, construction sites, walls and windows.

The concept for the overall campaign isn’t original, with the traditional print, retail and web iterations feeling cluttered and a bit stale. That said, the 7-foot wheatpastes are hugely successful. Each of the Squareheads starkly stands out in its urban environment like some kind of quiet watcher, dripping with Freudian uncanniness.

via Creativity

  • Matt

    I love it , there’s a certain alien coolness about it. Aren’t all
    Vespa riders aliens anyway? Now I want a Vespa.

  • Vanessa Schneider

    Eep, creepy.

  • Grant Ray

    Wheatpastes are pretty standard in lower Manhattan and here in Brooklyn, but I rarely see anything that isn’t boring after the first look. There’s an artist that did full-size figures with faces blurred a la Francis Bacon, but that’s the only thing I can think of that comes near to the jarring human relation the Squareheads have.

  • animated

    That’s at the end of my street. Queen and McCaul.

    Small world!

  • Wes Siler

    Well why didn’t you tell us about it then?

  • animated

    I didn’t know it was an ad for Vespa – The neighbourhood has loads of “urban art” – it could’ve been anything.

    Hope you’re well on your way to recovery after that spill…

  • DennyCross

    great work,