Whitehouse commemorates 60 million Cubs with custom woody

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Whitehouse_Cub50_woody.jpgActually, we have no idea if this custom C50 was built to celebrate Honda producing 60million Cubs, but it was released at the same time as Honda’s announcement, so you’ll have to excuse us for finding parallels. The Super Accent Ogano Woody Super Cub50, to give it its full name, isn’t actually built from wood, but rather metal painted to resemble it. By removing the Cub’s iconic plastic fairing, Whitehouse have given the tiny scooter its own unique retro-futuristic look, something the basic mechanicals complement well. For the best selling powered two-wheeler ever made, we’ve seen surprisingly few convincing Cub customs, but this ranks among our favorites.


  • http://icrontic.com Pete

    Stellar. I’d ride it. The lines are perfect.

  • Pat

    I’ve always wanted a Vespa, decided that a Kymco could do, and have been shopping scooters. But THIS is something I would get into debt for! I soooo hope it’s something I can buy….. It’s ART that functions, it’s beautiful.

  • http://www.bonsai-news.com Thomas

    Hi, what a great bike! I produce the german magazine bonsai news(web and print) for fans of vintage HONDA minibikes like Dax, Monkey and CUB too. Is it possible to sent me some more picts to publish it.