2009 Yamaha VMax, official pictures

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2009-vmax02.jpgThe 2009 VMax has just been unveiled. Click through for all the official images.>2009-vmax03.jpg


  • Mac

    that is goin to be one wicked bike

  • Davey

    I have a 1999 v-max and love it! But 2009 V-Max is one WICKED looking Monster! Can’t wait to see it in person and ride one! WOW!!

  • jonathan henry

    if you have anything on the vmax this stuff and more please send it to me i love vmaxes and doing reseach on them and would love to learn more on the 09 do to the fact im tryin to get one

  • jonathan henry

    i have an 85′ with JE pistons and racing cams with stage 3 jets and a kerkker exhaust and they say i still cant touch it i can run high 9′s and run 0-60 in under 3 sec