250GP officially replaced with four-stroke 600s

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250gp_600cc_2011.jpgFIM made it official today in Assen. 600cc four-strokes will replace 250cc two-strokes in 250GP beginning in 2011. Further rules will be decided at some non-specific future date. Dorna’s full, but exceptionally brief, release after the jump.

Replacement of the 250cc class

For application from 1.1.2011, the Grand Prix Commission accepted the
following proposal, taken by the majority of members of MSMA: 4-stroke
engines of 600cc maximum and 4 cylinders maximum. A request will be
sent to all manufacturers. The candidatures of the manufacturers
interested in taking part in the new class must be sent to the FIM and
Dorna by July 31, 2008 at the latest. More precise technical
specifications will then be discussed and established.


  • dimitri

    Have a look at this especially at the weights.A 600 four-stroke four heavier then a motogp 800!!!! I don’t get it. Nutters.

    Maximum capacity 600cc, Maximum four cylinders, No oval pistons RPM limited, No pneumatic valve operation systems, or variable timing.

    Throttle body diameter limited
    Fuel injector type limited
    Fuel spec – standard unleaded fuel

    Six speed gearbox
    Limited alternate gear ratios available
    RPM limiter on each bike

    Design and construction of the chassis is free

    One and two cylinders (TBA)
    Three cylinders (TBA)
    Four cylinders (155kg)
    Other points:
    No carbon brakes
    No carbon composite wheels
    Teams can only scrutineer one motorcycle per rider Limited number of complete engines per rider at each event

    Current FIM rules

    2.5 Weights

    2.5.1 The following are the minimum weights permitted:
    – 125cc motorcycle + rider 136 kg
    – 250cc 1 cylinder motorcycle 100 kg 2 cylinders motorcycle 100 kg
    – MotoGP 2 cylinders or less motorcycle 133 kg 3 cylinders motorcycle 140,5 kg 4 cylinders motorcycle 148 kg 5 cylinders motorcycle 155,5 kg 6 cylinders or more motorcycle 163 kg

  • dimitri

    Found this also.

    The proposals were greeted with scorn and disdain by KTM and Aprilia. The only two manufacturers to actually produce up-to-date racing machinery for the class felt that the rules had been rigged in the Japanese manufacturers’ favor, with all of the Big Four having inline four motors ready to use from their road bikes. What’s more, Dorna was entering dangerous waters, with rumors abounding that FGSport, the organizers of the World Superbike and World Supersport series had cast-iron guarantees from the FIM that they would have a monopoly on international racing based on production machinery.

    At Mugello, the first rumors of a counter-proposal started to emerge, and this week, those rumors grew stronger. Motorcycle News is saying that KTM will be proposing to replace the two strokes with 500cc four-stroke twins. According to MCN, the twins would be subject to a limit on the number of input pins for data sensors, as well as having revs limited and pneumatic valves banned.

    Aprilia had previously announced that it would be withdrawing from the proposed future 250 class to focus on a re-entry into the MotoGP class, but 500cc twins may reawaken their interest. Aprilia already have the SXV 450 and 550 supermoto and RXV 450 and 550 enduro / motocross bikes, featuring a V twin which is likely to make an excellent basis for a 500cc twin class. No response has yet been forthcoming from Aprilia, but they are sure to be asked about it very soon.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Thanks Dimitri.

    I think those specs you list are from older proposals and the only thing that’s been finalized is the maximum capacity. The maximum weight etc are still open for discussion, even if that just means Dorna is waiting to hear what Honda would like it to do.

    Make sure you check out the rest of our coverage of the 250GP Replacement Saga.

  • Roger

    This is a massive letdown. One more thing to push me away from Moto GP, which i have to say, is past its glory days. So after this, we will have an 800CC class and a 600CC class, both restricted to four strokes. Thus essentially the same class twice. Moto GP is quite boring enough for me thanks, Dorna, id rather not have two boring classes on a Sunday morning.

    If the manufacturers want to peddle bikes off the back of racing, they have WSBK, and all the national superbike championships, as well as the 800s. They banned the two strokes in Moto GP (thanks Honda), and now killing off the smaller capacities as well?

    Screw this, im moving to Supermonos.

  • nicocia

    Hello, I write from sicily (ITALY), I think whit the four stroke is very very very very very stupid motor, the two stroke is the only very race motor,
    Thamk you for your attention.
    Regards Massimo

  • Deon Naude

    Why a large/heavy 600cc class that is extremely limited/restricted/penalized? Is development not what GP racing is about? Money should not be a object in extreme racing/development. There is many other classes of racing if you want cheaper racing. A 400cc twin 4 stroke should be the largest replacement for the old 250cc 2 stroke class.
    To me the perfect racing classes for today will be;
    125cc 2 stroke replaced by 200cc single 4 stroke
    250cc 2 stroke replaced by 400cc twin 4 stroke
    500cc 2 stroke replaced by 800cc 4cyl 4 stroke
    Future development should see a gradual reduction of engine sizes. Maybe in 10 years time the future classes could/should be about 150cc – 300cc – 600cc.
    I will also not be surprised if the Superbike and Supersport classes gets reduced to 600cc and 400cc in the near future.