Ace Café Racer Little Miss Dynamite details and images released

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Ace_Cafe_Racer_press.jpgAfter revealing Little Miss Dynamite, the first Ace Café Racer, to a small audience on June 9th, the Ace has finally released official images and the results of its dyno run. The 100ci S&S v-twin makes 135bhp and 105lb/ft of torque at 75% throttle and 5,000rpm. Expect production bikes, benefiting from more development time, to do even better.
>Ace_Cafe_Racer_Press_2.jpgOther specs include 18” wheels running 120 width tires on the front and
160 on the rear, Öhlins suspension and Stonebridge Motor Company’s own
Featherbed ‘Super’ Wideline frame. The 100ci S&S SB Sportster
engine is mated to a Baker XL six-speed gearbox.

Ace_Cafe_Racer_Press_3.jpgAce_Cafe_Racer_Press_4.jpgAce_Cafe_Racer_Press_5.jpgAce_Cafe_Racer_Press_6.jpgStonebridge Motor Company

  • hoyt

    Why a 160mm rear tire? That seems too small for this bike, functionally and aesthetically.

  • contender

    What a looker.

  • Wes

    A classic look? I don’t know, but I’d take a 160 over the 240s and 300s that come on anything that’s vaguely custom over here.

  • MrP

    With the Featherbed swing arm I don’t think you could fit much bigger than a 160.
    What’s up with the air intake? All in all a great looker. When can I get one?

  • Dan

    As they built the frame I assume they also built the swinger and as such they could have made it fit whatever they liked. I think the 160 looks about right.
    My criticisms are of the oversize tach, the backwards looking intake and the boring, predictable, cookie cutter polished alloy tinware.

  • Matt

    I love cafe bikes. I don’t mind the 160 rear at all. Probably plenty of tire for how it will be ridden. The intake doesn’t even bother me, looks good. I agree it’s a bit strange as far as function.

  • Adrian

    Looks fantastic. I’m sure it,s going to cost about $35,000 though.

  • hoyt

    A 180mm tire is what I had in mind for more fun lean angles. A bigger compact patch with triple digit torque figures is probably a good idea.

  • Erhard

    Cookie Cutter polished aluminum? How many bikes do you see like that with the polished aluminum look ? You want cookie cutter check out all the choppers out there .That thing is freakin awesome! I f I had the spare $ I’d snap it up

  • Mike the Bike

    $35,000? I’ll bet it’s two to three times that! Beautiful, though.