Ace Café Racer Little Miss Dynamite unveiled in London

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Ace_Cafe_Racer.JPGLittle Miss Dynamite, The first Ace Café Racer, was shown off at a small reception at the Café last week before being packed up and shipped to Sturgis. The bike will be entered into S&S Cycle’s 50th anniversary custom contest at the August rally. The newly formed Stonebridge Motor Company will begin building Ace Café Racers for sale later this year.  A video of Little Miss Dynamite and more details follow the jump.

At first glance, Little Miss Dynamite doesn’t look incredibly unique,
but that’s kind of the point. Ace owner Mark Wilsmore and bike builder
Nick Gale were aiming to create a minimalist, functional, handsome café
racer around the 100ci S&S v-twin, and they’ve succeeded. Where
every other retro-influenced bike becomes an affectation, their machine
exudes understated function. We like how well the classic café racer cues combine
with the big twin and modern mechanicals. Also notable is the
successful combination of textures and finishes, progressing from the
polished tank to the black wire wheels via a bare engine and gold

After Sturgis, Little Miss Dynamite will be shipped back to London where it will make an appearance at the Ace on 13 September.

Stonebridge Motor Company

  • Gary

    Wes, Wes, Wes…
    I thought you and I were kindred spirits. I thought whatever you liked, I liked but this thing is so, so badly judged, such a horrendous cocktail of shiny geegaws, and headline-grabbing parts that should never live together, so NOT what a cafe racer is supposed to be that it hurts my eyes, my sensibilities and my national pride.
    Wes. I’m very disappointed.
    Have another look at the bike, at those stupid pimped up wheels, at the look-at-me shiny forks, at the GSV-R MotoGP silencers on a bloody Harley-powered caff racer, at the drag inspired tacho, stuck up like a tit in the wind. Ee God. The French would’ve done it better. The shame.

  • Wes

    Jeeze Gary, i’m crushed.

    I dunno, I’m a little disappointed by the bike, but I still think it’s cool. Hopefully, when they put it into production, spec and colors will be up to customers.

    I’m a bit boggled by the choice of engine, too, but that S&S twin is a powerful engine with lots of character. I understand all the technical arguments against them, but after riding a similar engine in a Confederate Hellcat, I’ll always have a soft spot for it.

  • Gary

    No problems with the engine, I love that engine, and it makes more sense than trying to find a parallel twin, but it just doesn’t hang together. It’s too fussy. Too overwrought. I bet Jay-Z and P Diddy would dig it. It’s a little too Santa Monica Blvd and not even Shoot Em Up Hill. Which is strange as it’s supposed to be British.

  • urbanrider

    As much as the Ace Cafe is an institution for British motorcycling. Mark Wilsmore is not a designer. And if I understand correctly he is the only Brit involved in the project.

    He’s an ex-cop who has done an outstanding job in resurrecting the Ace, but you only have to walk into the cafe itself to see they don’t have a clue about basic design principles.

    The bike is what the Ace is and bike shops/cafes used to be here. A jumble of the past and present from all over the world, cobbled together when there wasn’t much cash about to do it properly.

  • Jimmy James Black

    So lame….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.