BKS to produce James Toseland Donington 528 suit

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James_Toseland_Donginton_BKS.jpgJames Toseland may have failed to perform at Donington yesterday, but at least he looked good doing it. Now, BKS plans to put the patriotic Cross of St. George leathers he wore into limited production. Aside from the colors, the Donington 528 suit is identical to the blue and yellow Toseland replica leathers already offered by the company, this includes the unique mixture of cow, stingray and kangaroo hide construction.


  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urban rider


    The national flag plastered on helmets and clothing is so tacky.

    Sometimes I don’t know if British bikers have bad taste or the companies are cr*p designers.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    You know, I can’t decide if this is Chav or class, it treads a fine line.

  • Dave

    how can anything with the st george cross
    be chav, id wear it with pride and put right the chavs who disagreed, after all thats what its ment 2 say,u never saw a famous battle in history that had burbury flyin or even fred perry come to think about it.