Buell-based lady Transformer to appear in sequel?

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Arcee_Buell_transformer.jpgAccording to commentary on the Transformers DVD, Arcee, a female Transformer based on a pink Buell XB12R, could be starring in the film’s 2009 Sequel. Arcee was initially considered as a character in last summer’s blockbuster, but was rejected before production began because of concerns over the time it would take to explain gender-specific robots and Michael Bay’s all-consuming desire to create characters with believable robot-to-vehicle mass ratios. This concept for the character was created by Lead Robot Illustrator Ben Procter during the film’s initial production. Click through for another image.
>Arcee_Buell_Transformer_2.jpgTransformers Wiki via The New (Cafe) Racer Society

  • Vanessa

    Hooray for female transformer representation! That color’s hot too.

  • keanne

    what she name I think she named is twonoma because she is a bike with two wheel

    • Raven

      Her Name is Arcee and she is the Spit!! She Rolls with the best of the AutoBots

      AutoBots … Roll Out!

    • max

      her name is arcee

  • zellsquall

    Sweet!Bumblebee gonna love this ladie !

  • wanted36vox

    Baby gonna give new meaning to the term crotch rocket!

  • http://lahh11janan bubu

    Hi everybody i was looking this image and i think that arcee is gonna be grat!! but i am not sure if that is the prototipe of arcee in the movie this year, i hope so, thanks Bye!

  • Boxer

    She better be pack more BANG than just lookin’ hot if you know what I mean.

  • nejmi elias abdullahi

    i love game graphics to the death ,now a days movies becoming like games .so i love that
    i love transformers

  • http://bing.com charles

    dudes acreeis freakin hot love the color.