Dani Pedrosa: revolutionary?

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Dani_pedrosa_revolution.jpgWe can’t blame the Spanish for being enthusiastic about Dani Pedrosa. After all, motorcycle racing is the country’s most popular sport and Dani’s the best chance at a championship they’ve had in ages. But the Che Guevara of MotoGP? Come on, we’d like to think that Che was a little less bland than that.

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  • Fer

    The most popular sport in Spain? Come on ! ! ! You are wrong man, the most popular sport in Spain is Soccer.
    We have several motorcycle world champions but since 1999 we don’t win a motoGP championship. Dani is our best chance at motoGP this year (we’ll see next year with Lorenzo at it best).

  • citra

    dani is the best

  • zae piero

    pedrosa is the best
    i love you forever

  • lila

    i wont see yuo, dani…..

  • EMA


  • shweta

    dany i love you so much even i cant express my feelings that how much i love you . u are my best ryder. ilove you forever.

  • shweta

    whenever see you i dont no that what happens to me . you are so smart and dashing . you aremy favourite rider . LOVE YOU FROM : SHWETA

  • shweta

    i love you dany

  • http://google.com agung

    Dani, its very fantastic. Silent, smile, and full action in race.

  • shweta

    dany you are really a super star. i love you too much. you are such a sweet boy. I LOVE YOU DANY..

  • shweta

    love you dani.